Disney announces Cassian Andor live-action Star Wars series

I like this idea – a lot of opportunities to explores the Star Wars underworld, and grey morality. And I liked the character a lot in Rogue One.

And hopefully he’ll get to touch Jabba.

Hopefully Alan Tudyk returns as K-2SO


Star Wars seems to be going for an odd Zeno’s Paradox form of story telling. Even though they have millions of years and billions of planets they want to try to see how many times they can cram a full new story into an ever shrinking gap between existing story points.

That’s a good point, and I hope that they’ll branch out and tell more stories than just rebels and Jedi padawans. But if done well, this one could explore the types of stories that SW hasn’t really done much of, yet. And if it’s a hit, maybe Disney would experiment a bit more and try something even more different.

Seems to me that you would lose any suspense from an “is he gonna make it?” scenario when we know how the character dies.

Well, I think it obvious that the stories will (very likely) focus on the Gray and Black Morality of the Rebel Intelligence types.

The quandary they have is that familiarity is crucial. That can mean specific characters or events, or it can be a general “vibe” to what makes Star Wars really feel like Star Wars. That is also something which is different to everyone, what makes the series feel like Star Wars to you may not be anything close for me.

Couple that with wanting a wide appeal for a general audience, and that limits them even more. They have to take baby steps when it comes to expansion of the universe, they can’t just leap into something that happened 15000 years earlier without risk of it not actually resembling Star Wars at all.

The expansion into new places and ideas will happen, these new movies and TV series each add to the mythos in small ways that can then lead to other spin-offs and more new ideas, just as the Expanded Universe of comics and novels and games did in the 90s. But even they started out restricting themselves to the familiar at first, and sometimes exclusively.

There have been only four new movies so far. Give them a chance.

There’s more to stakes than if the lead dies or not. Who watches a TV series with the presumption your main character will be dead at the end? There will be other events, other characters, and bigger ideas that will make the show exciting, no need for risk of death of the lead to be the only factor.

Sure. But any time he’s in, say, a gunfight, or a space battle, there’s no suspense because you know he’s going to come out on top at the end so that he can live to die on Scarif.

Such is the problem with prequels.

Consider that most people, even those who would call themselves fans of Star Wars, had no idea who Cassian Andor was before Rogue 1 came out. And now we’re going to be seeing a whole bunch of new people and places in this series that connect to the old material only through him. I don’t think this is a Zenoing at all.

The same is true for most shows with a main character. Everyone knows they’re not going to kill off Captain Picard, even when it looks bad.

True, but I’d be interested in how he moved from being a, say, starry-eyed idealist who joined the Rebellion, into the tired, murdering fellow we see in Rogue One.

There’s a little more info on the Disney streaming service, by the way. It’ll be called “Disney +”, and will launch in late 2019. I haven’t seen any info on whether it’ll be US only, or will launch internationally. Given that Disney has had a tendency to launch movies worldwide on the same day, I’m hoping it’s the latter.

You must really hate James Bond movies.

There’s a difference between “you know he’s going to live because he’s the hero” and “you know he’s going to live because prior works in the canon have established the time and nature of his death”.

What is the difference? I can not see any.

Han Solo is kind of a big deal in Star Wars. But I never had any real desire or need to know his origin story. Solo was fun, but completely unnecessary.

Cassian Andor barely registered in the one movie he appeared in. I can’t really think of how to describe him other than “The Guy next to Jyn Erso.” The movie he appeared in, while great, was already kind of ancillary to Star Wars. I can’t think of a way to describe something less necessary than “completely unnecessary”, but that’s what this series seems to be.

I had no idea who he was until I read this thread. :slight_smile: and I saw Rogue one

Well, I saw R1, read his Wookiepedia page, and I’m *still *not sure who he is (or was).

I’ve watched it twice, and don’t actually remember the name of a single new character. I momentarily wondered what a “cassian” series is when Disney is doing one and/or a live-action one.