Disney Drops ‘Slave 1’ Name On Lego’s Boba Fett ‘Star Wars’ Ship


Personally I think it is ridiculous. Boba Fett is a bad guy. His ship’s name reflects his character. I see no reason to sanitize that. It is a fantasy world. Nothing to do with slavery on earth.

It seems this only applies to their Lego products. Still…

Disney’s been trying to get rid of the word Slave in Star Wars for years, both the Slave 1 ship name (previously it was renamed to Clone 1) and also Slave Leia.

Which kind of makes me realize that Boba Fett was definitely a slaver in the OT.

The name was never uttered on-screen (except possibly in one of the animated series) and there’s a new Boba Fett TV show coming, so I suspect that something about the ship’s name will be canonized there that will retcon its former moniker.

I personally have no dog in this fight. It’s not a great name for a ship anyway.

It’s just on the Lego toy. They are not trying to change the canon so let’s all calm down.

Neither is the “Millennium Falcon” but it is now a name immortalized in a well liked franchise.

How is the name “Millennium Falcon” anything but an objectively badass name for a spaceship? What exactly is your objection to it?

The name “Clone 1” was a mistake in the 2015 book Ultimate Star Wars book, not intentional. In fact the book has a number of inaccuracies.

If the folks at LEGO are to be believed, they are trying to change canon. This is just the first sign of it.

Has the name “Slave 1” ever appeared in any source more canonical than toy packages?

Comic books and video games. Maaaaybe in an animated TV show.

Starwars.com is the official canonical reference source for the Star Wars universe and it has info on Slave 1, including an article about its conception, and it still has the name in its entry.

The ship itself appeared multiple times in the Clone Wars TV show but I haven’t had a chance to go through those episodes to see if its name was mentioned. If it was, I would think it was the episode where the pirate Hondo got his hands on it.


Also this. Lego Poe Dameron’s ship is called “Poe’s X-Wing Fighter,” Lego General Grevious’s ship is called “General Grevious’s Starfighter.” They get generic names to cast a wider net when parents are shopping. A buyer might not know what Slave I is but they might know “Boba Fett’s Ship.”

Do they have falcons in a galaxy far, far away? And “millennium” is just so much ad-speak.

Hasn’t it shown up in “The Mandalorian”?

(to be fair I forget if they call it by name)

It is in at least one episode:


Yes, Slave I appeared starting in the first episode in which Boba and Fennec Shand are shown to be working together. The Razor Crest is destroyed, and Mando hitches a ride with Boba and Fennec. The name wasn’t mentioned.

I haven’t watched the show (I may need to turn in my Geek badge) but Slave 1 is clearly a singleship, designed for one pilot/occupant and storage space for compact, high value cargo. How do you fit two other people into that?

It’s bigger than it looks.

Yep. When it first appears in The Empire Strikes Back, it’s pretty clearly a small ship, not much bigger than a Y-Wing or large “snub fighter”. It’s since been retconned into being a considerably bigger ship, with substantial interior space.

And I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone getting upset about that sort of retconning.

And what about Wookie claws? Wookies don’t have claws. Except then they do, for climbing. But, no, wait, they’re actually also usable in combat. But, no, wait, Wookies have very strong cultural and psychological inhibitions against using them that way, and only insane outcasts would ever use them in combat. But, no, wait, “rageclaws” are a totally normal, playable character build. But, no, wait, we finally see an actual Wookie hand on-screen in The Last Jedi, and…it’s just a perfectly normal human hand, with a big tuft of fur on the back. No claws at all.

The overly-elaborate point being, Star Wars has always retconned elements of the story. Dropping references to Slave I bothers me a lot less than who shot first, Han or Greedo.

Here is the iconic scale image from ESB.

(Also, the bubblegum card used Slave 1.)