Disney is appointing group to determine official Star Wars canon

Most of the EU is bantha poodoo. I imagine they’ll only keep the most popular stories from books and comics. Probably the Clone Wars TV series too.

(trying to imagine that group…)

Eh, it will probably be a bunch of coked up studio execs and vapid marketing whores.

It doesn’t sound like a new group. It’s the story group that’s been with Lucasfilm before, but now they’re actually determining what’s canon and what’s not.

I understand the common house mouse has extremely large testicles relative to it’s body size.

Huh. Isn’t this more or less exactly how the biblical canon came to be, well, canon?

And thus we’ll get Star Wars Apocrypha.

Looking forward to the development of Orthodox, Conservative, and Reformed branches!


And the term “Clone Wars” will take on a new meaning, as people argue over which, if any, of the many “evil clones” in the EU make it into the new canon.

In related news, Dark Horse comics has said that, along with losing the Star Wars license, they’ve also lost the publishing rights to their entire back catalog of Star Wars comics, which are now owned entirely by Disney. Any of those comics that end up excluded from the new canon are unlikely to be reprinted any time soon.

If they go with the most common stories that everyone accepts, then, yeah, it’s pretty similar. If they go for what’s expedient for their current enterprise, not so much.

The best decision would be that Eps 1-3 are not canon…

Eh, Star Wars already has the multiple tiers of canon, and some things that are very clearly not canon. I don’t see that this’ll change much.

I felt a great disturbance in the Interwebz, as if millions of fanboys suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

So long as they keep Jaxxon the Rocket Rabbit.

Looking at the article, it seems like the point of this is to get rid of the tiers. Everything is going to be condensed down into Canon and Not Canon.

Why did they feel the need to announce this? This goes without saying - they lost the license, that meant they no more had the right to reprint it than Marvel had the right to reprint their Star Wars comics while Dark Horse held the license. (Dark Horse reprinted them, instead.)

There are things that I’d be glad to see stricken from canon - Karen Traviss’s genocide apologism chief among them. So whether or not this is a good thing depends on whether their group shares my opinions or not.

Maybe they have a basement full of old shit issues that didn’t sell and are virtually guaranteed to be de-canoned…instant collectors items!

Kinda like how DC tried to convince people the “Death of Superman” issue would be valuable.

This will end well…

That group is going to be more exclusive than the Cardinals who elect the new pope. Whoever’s on there gets to determine not only what is valid from the past, but shape the entire franchise from now on. What I wouldn’t do to be on it…