Star Wars Computer Games : Canon

Is the back story in any of the various Star Wars computer games considered canon? I’ve been playing Knights of the old Republic which says Sith was originally an alian race that was destroyed long ago, the Sith dark-jedi just follow the ways of that ancient (and presumably Evil) race.

I asked a variation on this question several months ago and never got a decent answer.

Everything set in the Star Wars universe is canon. There’s a hierarchy of what trumps what, when there are contradictions. I forget the precise order, but the movies are (of course) at the top. I think the novels are second. So if a game says X nothing contradicts it anywhere else, then it’s canon. If a game says X and a novel says Y, Y is canon. If a novel says Y and a movie says Z, then Z is canon.

So far as I know, the Sith being an alien race is still canon. Specifically, they were a race that was naturally strong in the dark side of the force, who were conquered by dark Jedi and used as shock troops in their war against the rest of the Jedi. Hence, “Sith Lords.” Eventually, the constant wars wiped out the Sith, but the title remains.

That’s not new to the games, btw. It was mentioned either in a comic book series or one of the novels. I believe it was in that comic series that Tom Veitch did (Dark Empire), but I could very well be totally wrong and have no way to confirm.

A lot of the side stuff from KOTOR and KOTOR II is from the various Dark Horse comic book series.

In my opinion, the six movies are the only definitive canon. I hold any and all books, comics, and video games about Star Wars on the same level as I do fan fiction (because essentially that’s what it is). The fact that it actually gets published is irrelevant.

While I personally feel the same way as you, Soapbox (and about Star Trek, too), I believe that Lucas has endoresed the view Miller reports – everything is canon until it’s contradicted by a more authoritive source.


…and lowest on the canonical totem pole are the Marvel Star Wars comics. :wink:

Are advertisements canon? Evidently it will soon be revealed that Yoda is a Diet Pepsi guy. I always had him pegged as a grape soda dude… most likely Stewart’s brand. Eh, live and learn.

I feel the same way about the prequels.

The oficial version for anyone who wants to write or whatever with KotOR as a backstory is that a Jedi (either sex) blah blah light side won, with the “blah blah” being all the plot I’m not bothering to spoil or reveal. Specifically, the Dark Side ending is right out on both games.

Not really your decision, seeing as how the original creator of Star Wars is the person who created the prequels. They are his stories and he is free to not only write, but edit anything he wants.

He is free to do so, and you are free not to watch if it displeases you.

And he’s also the one who says that all the EU stuff is canon. I don’t see how you ignoring him on the EU stuff is any more defensible than me ignoring him on the prequel stuff.

I believe Miller is correct, as far as Lucasfilm’s policy on Canon. They do make the distinction between the films and the “Expanded Universe,” but the latter has far more claim to canon-hood than, say, Star Trek novels. Whereas the Trek franchise outside of TV and film is really on the same level as fan fiction, Star Wars is more like The Matrix and its myriad comics and video games: the expanded stuff is canon so long as it isn’t directly contradicted by the films.

Personally, I find the idea of KOTOR and Wraith Squadron as canon far more palatable than the prequels, but I digress… :wink:

TIE Fighter. Don’t forget TIE Fighter. Best space combat sim ever. Even if the Defenders were ludicrously overpowered.

On the other hand, if Jar Jar Binks had been a giant green killer rabbit, the Phantom Menace might have been a much better movie.

Ok, we might as well get it all oout of the way in one shot. After a little research I was able to come up with the following list as to what is and is not in continuity. I will, for the sake of argument, divide the following list into three catagories. In, out and More on that later. (which means it may or may not be or parts of it are in or out of continuity).


All of the novels. Including the first one “Splinter of the minds eye” written soon after the original Star Wars by Alan Dean Foster.

The NPR radio series.

Comic books, including the original Marvel series and online comics, as well as “Tag and Bink are dead”. (More on this later)

Video games. All of them. (More on that later)

T.V. Shows. This includes the animated “Clone Wars: Vol. 1” DVD, the ongoing Clone Wars animated series on The Cartoon Network, and recent developments on future programming.

The Toys. I know it seems silly to include these, but they are official.

Role playing game(s) (More on that later)

Short Stories available in official digest.

For the sake of being concise, the recent online video game.

Also for the sake of being concise, the recent “Alternative Universe” comics where something in the original trilogy is changed. (Such as the “Alternate” Episode 4, where Luke’s torpedo does not make it to the Death Stars exhaust port). These are “Official Alternate Universe Stories”.

I’m sure I am missing something but that seems to be a pretty good list. I should mention, as has been mentioned before, that if anything in the above contradicts the movies, continuity from the movie overrides.

“The Star Wars Holiday Special” for obvious reasons. (More on that later.)

Fan fiction. Obviously. This includes fan made movies. (More on that later.)

Early Lucasfilm video games. I include this because the vary first Lucas Arts video game is sometimes confused as a Star Wars game. It is not.

T.V. Commercials, allthough I would like to think that that irritating red M&M is good and dead and that the world is better for it.

The short film “George Lucas in Love” is out, obviously.

I know I am missing something here so if I am please point it out to me and I’ll reply back.


“The Star Wars Holiday Special” Parts of it are in Continuity. The Wookies home planet, Chewey’s family and “Life Day” as well as the animated short that introduced Bobba Fett. All else are, thankfully, out.

Comic Books. A comic book by Sergio Arragones, which shows his visit to Lucas film and the disaster it causes is, as best to my knowledge, out.
The daily comic strip that appeared in newspapers may, in fact, be in, but I can’t find a reference to it on the official Star Wars site.

Role Playing Games. The scenerio’s presented with the different role playing games are official, the results of said scenario’s are out.

Fan Fiction is out. Fan made movies have recently been appreciated by the folks at Lucasfilm and they now run a yearly fan film contest. To the best of my knowledge these films are mostly out. The noteable exception is the classic fan film “Troops” which I believe is in.

As you can see the Star Wars extended universe is extensive and varried. If you believe that only the films are cannon, that is your right, but you are missing out on some fun and interesting stuff.

BTW, for those of you who are interested, the Star Trek universe official continuity are ONLY that which was un-animated and on TV and movie screens. The only exceptions to this are one small tidbit of Spock’s past which appeared in the animated series and somehow made it’s way into the cannon. There is also a book series which is official, but I cannot remember which one.

I hope this satisfies curiosity and shows off just how much of a big assed geek I really am. (Even I’m suprised at it.)


Beautiful! Thanks, Cadabra.

I’m surprised at that, since it so blatantly contradicts later continuity. Fun read, though!

Both the comic strips (the Russ Manning one and the Archie Goodwin/Al Williamson one) were serialized in comic book form by Dark Horse, so maybe we can lump them under comic books?

That can’t possibly be right.

You mean it’s cannon that Uncle Owen & Aunt Beru died as a result of a domestic argument?

I liked it, but I had played a lot of X-Wing (and Wing Commander) previously, so my strategy had developed into flying straight at the target until it blew up and damn the torpedoes. Good for an X- or Y-Wing. Not very effective when your TIE fighter is basically made of coat hangers and bailing twine. :wink: