are there going to be a STAR WARS VII ?

  • I’ve heard that ther is only 6 books about the SW saga ?

Any there a chance for a movie no. 7-8-9 etc. ?

Not according to Lucas. He claims he’ll be too old to do the next trilogy. We can only wait and see.

the next trilogy ?

Do you mean that there are more than 6 books ?

Good Lord no.
And they aren’t “books”, they are movies.

However over, the “official” unofficial 7-8-9 is the Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn. First book is Heir to the Empire. Pick it up!

There already was, Ewok Adventure and Battle for Endor. The Holiday special rounds out that Trilogy.

When Lucas said there’d be sequels to the first trilogy, it was very early on in the piece, and it was more ambitious than he realised. He gave the idea up after writing Return of the Jedi, he decided that was where the story ends.

If you read the novels that continue the story, as SpaceGhost suggests, you can live the continuing adventures of your favourite characters, but they clearly aren’t the same story that Lucas is telling, they are just additional tales.

I thought I heard somewhere that Disney was planning on taking over the series after the current one is finished. Unfortunatley I do not remember where I heard that, but I hope it is not true.

That ain’t funny Tars

The Thrawn trilogy is actually pretty good. Tis also where they idea of Coruscant originated. Interestingly enough.

I wager that Lucas will film episodes VII through IX once he needs another bazillion dollars for something or other. Like, say, a new wing for Skywalker Sound…

Not according to Lucas. They’re a-a-a-a-a-a-a-all canon.


No they aren’t. He’s never said that. The novelisations of the movies are the closest you’ll get to canon (and even that is questionable), not the further adventures (they contradict each other too much to be canon).

According to this guy, there will be. He even has the Episode 7 summary!

After all, he should know, since according to his site he’s good buddies with Lucas and even forwards fans ideas to him!

I guess this discussion is closed.

Sure did. According to Lucasfilm’s order of canonity… EVERYTHING is canon (with the caveat that the movies are “most canon”).

Did I hear that directly from Lucas? Nope. But… well… Lucasfilms is kinda… y’know… his company.

Well, the order of canonity is the important part, and Lucas himself only counts the movies, and disregards the novels completely. He has stated that numerous times.

Back in the day, Lucas claimed the entire story was (a) the story of Luke Skywalker and (b) a trilogy of trilogies.

He has since retconned this, saying that it was ALWAYS about Darth Vader, and it was ALWAYS only six episodes. Perhaps that’s true from a certain point of view.

Lucas seems to have given people carte blanche with post-Jedi stuff, and all sorts of crappy writers have sought to fill this void with acres of goofy books. Ask someone how Chewbacca died (yes, some lucky second-rate writer was allowed to kill Chewbacca - and chose a stirringly noble death for him, second only to perhaps Chewbacca slipping on a bar of soap in the shower and hitting his head.)

The standard answer seems to be that Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy is the best of a sorry bunch, but your mileage may vary. I read the first one and was appalled at how awful it was. I later read that when Zahn was hand-picked to write these books, he had to go back and watch the movies again because he didn’t really remember much about them. Sigh. The George Lucas Quality Control Machine at its finest.

As for canonicity, who knows or cares? I am a huge Star Wars fan but I wouldn’t read most of the novels on a salary. The tremendously pathetic book ‘Shadows of the Empire’ is certainly canon, and it’s painfully awful to read, and a silly story to boot. It brings hope to aspiring writers because if this Steve Perry (not of Journey) guy can make a living writing books, then who can’t?

On the other hand, considering the sorts of things Phantom Menace made canon, can the books really do any more harm?

In just a few short years, ILM will be able to create a computer-animated Harvey Korman. Once that is possible, Lucas plans to go back and divide the Holiday Special into its own trilogy, focusing on Korman’s character.

God, I hope there isn’t going to be another trilogy. I shudder to think what Lucas would do with the children of Han and Leia.

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“Form of a Banta!”

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Here are the working titles for the trilogy
“Dude, where’s my lightsaber?”
“Tatooinian Pie”
“Luke’s Angels”