Plans for Star Wars 7,8, and 9?

I can never get a straight answer on this, so maybe there are none.

It’s seems that Star Wars 6 was a pretty complete ending, so 7 would have to be an entirely new story start.

BTW, I don’t think George Lucas is an evil man, but when he says things (especially pre-Episode I) like he’s had the story of SW in his head all the time and was ‘just waiting for technology to catch up’ to make the prequels, I don’t buy it.
Sure, he’s creative and got vision (but very poor directing and storyline skills), but I’m sure when he made the first SW movie and put “Episode IV” in it, he was just trying to make it look like the serial matinee movies of his youth (which was also his intent on Indiana Jones).
If he had the story in his head all the time, 1 and 2 wouldn’t have sucked so bad.

In magazine interviews around the time of the release of Empire, Lucas had been quoted about the plan for a trilogy of trilogies.

Since the prequels have been coming out, he’s maintained that he never said that, the magazine writers misquoted him, and he always intended for there to just be six. Oh, and he also says that Eurasia has always been at war with Eastasia, and has never been at war with Oceania.

Lucas says no; I don’t have a cite handy. But hey, I think Lucas will be pretty happy with the royalties from the six films.

Off the record, most people consider the “Thrawn trilogy” by Timothy Zahn (Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising and The Last Command) to be the unofficial episodes 7-9.

Just for the record, “Episode IV, A New Hope” was not in the original release of Star Wars. I know that it’s been discussed ad nauseam, but some people still are buying the Lucas story.

**SC_Wolf, that cracked me up. I’d have a lot more respect for Lucas (not that he cares if I respect him) if he said “Looking back at the movies I made, I wish I had…” or “When Star Wars was such a hit, I reallized I had a great opportunity to tell some great stories”, rather than trying to re-write the past.

Most people who have no sense of what a movie is, to be more blunt than necessary. For one thing, the Thrawn trilogy is one story, not three. In its chronological and psychological scope, it is the equivalent of one Star Wars film, at best. Furthermore, it’s an open-and-shut, episodic diversion for the main film characters; little is different at the end than the beginning–again a departure from the movies. And on the whole, the feel is just wrong–Zahn is very hung up on the sort of technical intricacy better suited for Star Trek. If Lucas were to make sequels (he won’t) and were to use books written by others as the source material (he wouldn’t), he would pick the New Jedi Order series: a much longer storyline with ambitious plot developments set far to the future of the classic trilogy.

As soon as he’s dead, his whore-like kids will be cranking out films faster that you can count to 007.

I will also settle for Zahn’s trilogy. I’ll read it while listening to my soundtracks of IV, V, and VI.

Wasn’t there mention in some of the later SW books about some extragalactic enemy that invades the SW galaxy after the New Republic is established?

FWIW, a LucasFilm rep dropped a line a few months ago about planning for 7, 8, and 9. Don’t get your hopes up because as Lucas’s future plans are always open to revision and this wasn’t even actual word from the man himself, but it’s not absolutely out of the question. It’s more absolutely out of the question in the same way episodes 1, 2, and 3 were in 1990.

That’s only fair, as his past appears to be open to revision.

ISTR Lucas mentioned “all nine movies” in an interview recently.

I bet that eventually there will be 9 moves…it’s too lucrative not too. It might take a while, but I think it will happen.

Hmmmm…maybe if you count the Muppet Show appearance as Episode IV 1/3, the Star Wars Holiday Special as IV 2/3, and Shadows of the Empire as 5 1/2, you get 9 movies. :smiley:

I just hope to god that George Lucas lets someone else direct the 3rd trilogy. He should be dead by then anyway, won’t he?

A possible plot line that I can see, though, is the re-establishment of the Jedi-order and the wacky problems that ensue.

I hate to be the one to bring it up, but there were those three made-for-cable Ewok Adventures movies.

I think George Lucas needs some writing help, so here is my idea for the first page of Episode III.

STAR WARS EPISODE III: RISE OF THE EMPIRE – Revised treatment 1/03 page 1 of 117


A small scout ship hurtles across a trackless void.


					JAR JAR 
	"Messa gotta carry out important mission for Queen Amidala!"

A proximity alarm sounds within the scoutship.

An enormous Star Destroyer warps out of hyperspace directly behind JAR JARs ship and begins firing on it. Laser bolts and torpedos slam against the scout ships hull.


					JAR JAR
	"Uh Ohh! Big spaceship! Meesa in trouble now." 
	"Meesa better go bye bye, quick!"

JAR JAR presses what he thinks is the Hyperspace Engage button. What he actually presses is a button clearly marked: ‘Reactor Core Containment Field Generator.’ The ships reactor fails. More alarms sound. Bulkheads melt and instrument panels explode everywhere, showering white-hot liquid metal onto JAR JAR.

					JAR JAR (flailing his arms wildly)
		"Oooweee Moowee! Meesa on fire!"

In an impressive and wonderful blend of CGI effects and pyrotechnics, JAR JAR’s skin blisters, cracks and peels away. His skeleton heats up to incandescence and explodes.

The scout ship bursts into a yellow fireball, bright against the stars. The Star Destroyer unleashes a fusillade of blaster fire at the remaing debris, pulverizing it and then warps back into hyperspace . . .


SCRIPT NOTE: JAR JAR BINKS is never mentioned or referred to from this point onward in the script.

Well here’s another unfortunate twist.

For those not in the know, a few years ago there was the big “event” of Shadows of the Empire. A book was being commissioned that was going to be officially canon according to Lucas. It would fill in the all-important gap between ‘Empire’ and ‘Jedi.’

(Yes, you’re right if you’re currently thinking “What gap? Like, two weeks passes between those movies! Wouldn’t something set between ‘A New Hope’ and ‘Empire’ make more sense?” The first task in the book was to make everyone NOT go to Tatooine, where they’re all headed at the end of ‘Empire’. But I digress.)

The book came out along with a comic book miniseries (telling almost, but not quite exactly the same story as the book - between the two of them you got the full story), toys, games, a soundtrack, the whole works. Everything except a movie. Since Han Solo is out of commission for this period, we brought in a different character, Dash Rendar, who was a cocky freebooter with great piloting skills, a fancy ship, and okay, it turned out it was just Han Solo with a different name.

Now the thing was pretty laughable, to be honest. The book is supremely awful, rating just above fan-fiction. There are one or two interesting ideas in it, but the rest is a wankathon. The funniest part in the comic book series is when our beloved new Han Solo stand-in, Dash Rendar, has reached the end of the story and is not needed anymore, so he’s killed – off-panel! Thanks Dash, we’ll mail you your check! But the experience taught Lucas one thing - I can do everything except actually make the movie and people will buy it!

Fast-forward to the present. Now the news is out that the Clone Wars, which SW fans have been wondering about for twenty-five years, will largely take place off-screen. There was talk of a cartoon series, but that seems to have stalled. Toys and video games are still coming out, and no doubt Dark Horse Comics will grind out whatever it can (which is fine with me - it makes sure they have enough cash to keep paying Mike Mignola to write Hellboy comics).

So what’s the point here? The point is, Lucas doesn’t have to make episodes 7,8, and 9. He doesn’t even have to make Episode 3. Not just because he has more wealth than you can imagine (even if you can imagine quite a bit), but because even without the movies there will always be the merchandise.

It kills me to say that, because I’ve defended him for so long (and still do to some extent.) I feel Star Wars gets unjustly maligned as existing only to sell toys - I certainly didn’t see anyone complaining about Shrek toys, and they were ALL over the toy stores. Nobody pitches a fit when any other summer movie has toys and games come out (and they ALL do) but yet Star Wars is seen as strictly marketing. So it bugs me to say it, but it’s true - even if Lucas never picks up a camera again, the franchise will live on. Not in any kind of quality way - most of the books seem to be crap (yes, including the Zahn books. Do those feel even remotely like Star Wars to anyone?), the comics are, largely, crap, I don’t know much about the games, and let’s face it, the prequels themselves weren’t so hot.

I’m a Star Wars fanboy, and that’s been harder and harder to maintain. Nothing can ever take away the sense of amazement and joy I had when I first saw Star Wars in 1977. I’m still blown away by that movie. I’ve seen it hundreds of times and yet every time I get a sense of excitement and joy when Han shows up at the end and takes out Vader’s wingman. I still love it when Yoda raises the X-Wing in Empire. But it’s become diluted.

As a fan of the movies, I don’t WANT an episode 7,8, and 9.

Way too much happens in those. Each of those books would need a trilogy of its own to squeak in all the action.

Will Lucas even be alive long enough to make a 7,8 and 9?

It’s always said Episode IV (minus i believe the test screening). The only thing added since it’s original release was the subtitle “A New Hope” which was added for the special edition.

I don’t mean to be anal about it, but I saw the original release of Star Wars.
Said the Jedi to the proctologist, “These are not the roids you’re looking for.”