New Star Wars movies - a trilogy too far?

George Lucas plotting new Star Wars trilogy

My first reaction? A Wookie-sized yawn. I absolutely loved the first Star Wars movies, this side idolatry. The second batch I found massively disappointing, embarrassing even (yes, Jar Jar Binks, I am looking at you - Jesus Christ, Lucas, what the hell were you thinking?).

And now George is busily scribbling three more. I’m sorry, that’s it for me. I had respect for the guy once. Once upon a time, in a galaxy far away, he promised to be a great director. American Graffiti was a wonderful film. But what director worth his salt spends his whole lifetime making the same damn movie!

Which brings me to my second reaction on hearing the news above. Sadness. A real sadness for Lucas. For the career that might have been. For the films of genius that never were. For the director in him that died long long ago. RIP George.

If Lucas is writing it, it’s a recipe for disaster (not commercialy). The same guy responsible for Indy 4…

Moving away from the Skywalker clan isnt a bad idea, but it would really be cool to also move away from Jedis as main characters then, and use them as the Wizards are used in LOTR, that is too powerful to be honest figures.
Honestly, I had always thought that the best thing to do would have been to do spin offs of SW, I have long awaited for a Bobba Fett movie (though clearly Lucas has never really understood the love for Fett).

This rumour has already been denied by Lucasfilm, so don’t take any notice until it’s official, which is probably never going to be the case.

There is probably going to be a live action TV series (it’s on hold, for various reasons) and there is currently the Clone Wars animated series (which is actually really good). Apart from that and EU and Video Games properties, there will be no more Star Wars movies.

I agree with** GuanoLad** 100%. The rumour is bogus. TV is the future of Star Wars, at least as far as Lucas is concerned.

Lol, your street cred just took a dive.

If only I had some.

It’s not perfect television, and it’s aimed sometimes a little too squarely at kids, but it is a very entertaining show; it feels more like the original trilogy Star Wars than the prequels managed.

Again, agreed. I don’t care if this makes me uncool, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed The Clone Wars. It’s great fun and comes closest to what my ten year old self dreamed of, all those years ago.

Damn! What’s the world coming to when you can’t even trust the internet! :slight_smile:

I know. First the fake Nigerian Princes, and now this.

I bet someone will make a good Star Wars flick after Lucas has been dead for a couple decades.

I heard that the plan was for nine films some time ago–when Empire opened with “Episode V.”

Sometime during the making of the second trilogy, that plan was disavowed.

Now? Well, I can’t see how new stuff could hurt the franchise.

I’m sorry, but where the hell is he going to fit a trilogy in the midst of this list of books that are official canon?

Wasn’t the original Star Wars plot spread out as nine episodes? The first six were filmed, but Lucas dropped the last three … maybe he got tired of it?

Nah, he had no idea, really. It was just made up stuff they said back then. I mean, Lucas even suggested it, but it had no grand plan.

I believe Lucas’ most recent version is that the nine-film plot was compressed into the six movies we have now; he always intended the confrontation with the Emperor to be the climax of the entire saga.

But even the very earliest of sequel rumors had them taking place many years after Jedi, with Luke in Obi-Wan’s Ep IV role. So if Lucas really wanted a sequel trilogy, the age of the cast isn’t necessarily a problem.

As for the novels, what would stop Lucas from simply decreeing “Sorry, they’re not canon anymore!”?

A possible lynching from all the authors of those books who went through hell submitting and resubmitting and re-resubmitting drafts that had to fit in not only with the whims of Lucafilms but also with the plotlines of other authors.

At the risk of opening up a huge can of worms, the books aren’t canon… at least as far as potential films/TV series are concerned. The prequels and The Clone Wars have demonstrated that.

Earlier this year at the 30th anniversary screening of Empire, Lucas said that he wasn’t working on any new movie and that the proposed live-action series is on hold.

Ah. A fatal trait of mine: assuming that they had it all figured out in the beginning, rather than, “let’s see what happens, okay?”

SW should have stopped a long long time ago, the second trilogy was a trilogy too far from my perspective, it was all downhill after ESB.

Given it didnt, he might as well cash in.