Disney making "Mary Poppins" sequel

That’s right-Disney is supposedly making a sequel to “Mary Poppins” set 20 years later. It, too, will be a musical, but they claim it will adhere more closely to the books. Really? Which of the books took place twenty years after the first one? Of course they are also claiming they are working with the P.L. Travers estate, and looking at how they lied about how she felt about the first movie in the movie they made about her, I can only assume it means they had held a square dance over her grave.

I shudder at what the finished product is going to be like. :eek:

Set 20 years after the original, eh?

So, let’s see…Mr. Banks and Michael were killed in the Great War. Jane’s husband; killed in the War. Bert went to the War, was blinded, had both legs and an arm blown off by German artillery fire, is now selling pencils in the Strand, and poppies on Armistice Day. Uncle Albert, killed in the War.

Early 20th century European history is easy! And fun, too!

And Mary herself, on the way to her next charge, was shot down by the Red Baron.

So, will Julie Andrews be in it?


They should get Otto Dix to do the promotional poster art.


Which one is Mary Poppins?

The first portrait, clearly.

Mary got through the War dealing in black market crumpets and clotted cream, then moved to Berlin and became a nearsighted lesbian, heavily dependent on alcohol, strong tobacco, and cocaine.

As Mary Poppins is a clearly a Time Lord, why not?

Any word on who may be playing her?

To tell you the truth, I’m not sure Julie and Dick are really going to be up to it…

I was wondering what next year’s addition to the Haunted masion would be…

*Chim-chiminey! Chim-chiminey!
Been blown out that wide
through which I have to poo…!

Chim-chiminey! Chim-chiminey!
I’m so sorry people…
…but that is not rain…*

David Tomlinson and Matthew Garber will probably be taking a pass as well.


Finally, we’ll learn that Mary is a Jedi knight, just as I’ve known all along.

I don’t know about Julie, but I have a feeling that Dick could handle it…

More like Zepp’linCaliberFragBallisticExplode-ius. Stukas came much later. :cool:

I spent the second half of fourth grade and all of fifth grade waiting for a sequel to come out. Little did I know I’d have to wait until I was in my sixties! :mad: :frowning:

Reminds me of the 1960 version of The Time Machine: “Ah! I believe you’ve mistaken me for my father. Everyone says there was quite a resemblance…” :frowning:

I doubt it. She doesn’t sing much after a throat operation in 1997 damaged her voice. Also, she’s 79 years old - much older than Mary Poppins would be in a movie set 20 years after the first one. I suppose they could cast her in a supporting role, but it wouldn’t make sense to cast her as Mary Poppins in this movie.