Disney - underwhelmed. Am I broken?

So I went down to Disney World as part of the personal time I took during a recent conference in Orlando.

I was told to expect magic ™ and fun times for all, but instead I found a relatively clean but entirely too kid-filled amusement park… like Six Flags during summer break. I got to go on the good rides (Pirates, etc.) just because they weren’t thrill rides and the lines weren’t as long – but when I got back to work, I was lambasted for missing out on the magic ™ and the fantastic times that Disney World provides.

I bought the frickin’ Mickey Mouse disposable camera, and never had a single Kodak moment. It’s sitting at home waiting for the cats to do the amusing goofball things they do.

I went to Epcot and the Magic Kingdom. Did I screw up with my selection of parks, or is it just all hype?

YM obviously V. I went to Disney World (Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Animal Kingdom) when I was 17 'cause my dad won a week’s vacation there from his employer, and I loved it. So did my parents. And I went in expecting to be completely underwhelmed.

You aren’t required to like going to a Disney park. You may not have been in the mood for it. You may not have a big attachment to your childhood. There are a lot of reasons.

I just returned from Tokyo and went to both parks there and enjoyed them immensely. Tokyo Disneyland was nearly deserted when I went there, a Wednesday night. No lines for any ride. The park actually loses a bit of its charm when there aren’t a lot of people around.

I love WDW! But I don’t think you are broken. It isn’t for everyone.

I think it depends on what you are expecting and looking for. And who you go with. My 2 1/2 year old daughter in Tigger’s lap was certainly magical. I can’t imagine going by myself. But sharing it with someone is always fun. And I think it helps to know what you are doing before you go.

My in-laws go to Rome every couple years. I’ve been to Rome, and don’t want to go back. I, on the other hand, think they would be “confused” by DisneyWorld.

I like it, but I’m not overwhelmed with it. It’s fun for a couple of days every few years, but I find it a bit too sanitized for my taste. I have a friend who is totally crazy for it - goes there several times a year. I think she’s nuts.

It’s always more fun to go anywhere with a crowd of family and friends.

I agree with rjung. Did you go alone? Reading you post is all I, I, I and no we, we, we. And the we, we, we really helps with the wee, eee, wee.

I agree with rjung. Did you go alone? Reading you post is all I, I, I and no we, we, we. And the we, we, we really helps with the wee, eee, wee.

Of course I’ve never been to WDW.

Disney is not for thrill rides (other than Space Mountain), which is all right with me. It’s about entertainment, not thrills. I don’t considered being scared as being entertainment and my visit to Six Flags would have been a terrible ripoff it I hadn’t gotten in free.

The best rides at WDW are not necessarily the best known. Top of my list is Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, which is hilarious fun.

Alas, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride is now History. He has been replaced by Pooh. If you go through the Pooh ride, there is a picture of Mr. Toad on the wall handing Pooh the deed.

i went to disney world alone. i had a great time. i went where i wanted, when i wanted, i didn’t have to wait for someone else to make up their mind, etc. that said, of the parks of orlando, i liked the islands of adventure the best. the rides are great. i really enjoyed dr. seuss land!!!

I think Disney’s MGM Studios park is better than Magic Kingdom or Epcot. Epcot’s only good for shopping and Magic Kingdom is full of little kids.

I visited the parks with my school band just this past weekend, actually. Fairly boring, really, except for the time some of my friends spent pennydiving in fountains. I think it’s mostly hype.

And rocking chair, Dr. Seuss Land was great. Heh. My friends and I spent so much time just going “Ooh…pretty colors!” in that part.


Disney just has not kept up, theme-park-wise. Most of the MK is really old stale stuff. (Space Mountain is hardly a thrill ride.) I find Epcot to be interesting in parts: the country exhibits and a few of the corp. ones. (But a lot of those are quite outdated now.) The movie part is nice.

We went twice: timed it wrong. The first time the kids were too young and don’t remember it, the second time too old and didn’t want to get their pictures taken with Goofy.

While I know a few adults that really enjoy WDW and go there regularly, mostly its A Kid Thing. If you’re not a kid and don’t enjoy it, that’s just fine.

Are you broken for not liking WDW? To the best of my knowledge, Yes. Yes, you are.

I love WDW!

Gotta love “Pirates” and “Haunted Mansion” and “Tower of Terror” and “Space Mountain” and “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad” and “It’s Tough to be a Bug” and …



Eh… I went last October with my family and my son (aged 2 1/2 at the time). He really liked it which is the important part and still brags about how his daddy took him to see Mickey Mouse (yay me) but as for myself, it wasn’t much. The attractions weren’t overly exciting and many seemed really dated, MGM was, as I told my mother, “about the same thing as going to Great America but with one tenth the rides and a 10 minute pre-show before you actually move” and Epcot was, as said, really only good for shopping.

I’d go again for the kid (watching him have fun was worth it), but I can’t understand why so many people insist on honeymooning there and the like.

I live 45 minutes from WDW and I haven’t been there in over twelve years. The only time I really enjoyed going there was when I was twelve (It still wasn’t finished at that time, I have a picture of Space Mountain without the top). For years every time one of my relatives came to Florida, it was obligatory to bring them to WDW. Now that I’m older and grouchier I just hand them a map and wave good bye. WDW is the the world’s largest (and most expensive) tourist trap.

Voyage of the Little Mermaid. ** Sigh **

What’s not to like?

I have pretty much grown up in Disney. Been going every year since before I could walk. That’s about 25 years worth :)m Do I think you are broken? Nope.

Disney has fallen by the wayside. I have been to every Six Flags in the country. Both Bucsh Gardens. Kings Island and Dominion. All the Universal stuff. And the King, Cedar point (and lots of others in between). And Disney just hasn’t kept up. Whoever is in charge just doesn’t know what current trends are.

Heck, they built an entire park that, IMHO, only has one good attraction in it. Animal Kingdom. Every other ride is done better at some other park. Disney’s MAIN draw is kiddies who want to see stuff from the movies. If their movies stopped brining in the kids, the park would die because there would be little to no reason to go.

Do youself a favor. If you head down that way, go to Universal’s Islands of Adventure. If has rides for everyone. Great coasters, kiddie rides, and the Spiderman ride is probebly one of the coolest rides ever.

That’s hardly a compensation. Man, that was a dumb move. :frowning:

MGM Studios and Animal Kingdom are less kid oriented. MK and Epcot are the two parks I enjoyed the least during my one trip there (though I did arrive at Living Seas right at feeding time for the sharks and rays). You might have also enjoyed Downtown Disney, where you can pay one price at night and attend all their nightclubs. If you want to see people who enjoy Walt Disney World, visit www.wdwig.com. Even though it’s been a couple of years, I still get the ALL EARS newsletter from them.

Disney World isn’t for everyone, and you’re definitely not broken for not enjoying it, but I think you might have just had a bad experience. It’s the kind of park you really need to be prepared to go to.