Have You Been to Disneyworld?

I’ll be starting another thread about your opinions on the place, but for now let’s just discuss whether or not you’ve been. Feel free to discuss the reasons why you haven’t been, if you want.

I went with the family Back in the Day when I was about 7. The journey there was miserable: a caravan of four vehicles, no air-conditioning, driving for three days and stopping every 15 miles for Grandma to get tea. :mad:

But once I got there it was totally worth it! I’ve been back a zillion times since then, and Mrs. Homie and I are planning a big blowout December 2010! Caribbean Beach baby!

I went three times when I was a kid, one in the first grade, once in the fifth, and once in the sixth. The first two times were family trips, the third was with a school group. My family lived in Florida at the time, and when people hear that I grew up in Florida they sometimes ask if I went to Disney World a lot. But it’s a good 8 hours from the Florida panhandle to the Orlando area, so no, this was definitely not a regular thing for my family.

I voted yes, but with the technicality that I’ve never actually been to the Magic Kingdom. I went to Epcot and Animal Kingdom, and also have been to Disneyland in California thrice. This is despite the fact I went to school and did a residency at UF only 100 miles away.

No, only Disneyland about 30 years ago.

Many times (four? five?) since the first of the kids were born in 2000. I was pleasantly surprised the first time and overwhelmed when we stayed on Disney property. They know how to get it done.

My second husband and I took our kids when they were … 7 and 9 I think.

So, yes, I have paid my dues. I hope to never have to endure it again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Own a timeshare at Disney. Yep.

(Jonathan, we did an Adventures by Disney trip this summer to Germany…Incredible. Not cheap, but a good value.)

Yeah, high school trip my freshman year.

Been there.

Hell, worked there.

Love the place.

I admire anybody who goes beyond the bare minium needed to get by.

Nope. Proper California people only go to Disneyland, which is the real one.

Y’know, having grown up in LA I thought that until I went to DisneyWorld. The difference is night and day. Disneyland is an amusement park. DisneyWorld is a resort.

US: No - I actively oppose the idea of going.

Disney is evil. I used to work for them. Sure it might be the happiest place on earth for a guest, but if you’re a worker then you get treated like crap. I actively discourage people I know from going.

First grade, six years old. I took a zillion pictures of our hotel room because I like the decor. I gave to flower to Pocahontas.

Been there three times.

I’ve been to Disneyland eleven times. I have experienced enough Disney for one lifetime. I mean, it’s pretty fun and all, but certainly nothing I would go out of my way to do. If I happened to be in Orlando (unlikely, since I’ve never been to Florida, have no close friends or relatives in Florida, and no desire to go to Florida) and someone wanted to go and also pay my way, I’d happily take up the offer. But other than that, meh.

Yep. Many, many times. Inlaws lived in Celebration which equaled free food and lodging, too. :smiley:

I haven’t been to Disney-anything. They’re all in countries I’ve never been anywhere near to.

Now I think I’m too old to properly appreciate it, but I’d still go if the opportunity came up.

I first went to Disney World in 1974 with my parents (after we drove down from Connecticut). I know it was that long ago, because I remember that Space Mountain was still under construction.

And then I went last year (2008) with my mother, brother, sister-in-law and nephew and niece. We did the whole thing; stayed in a Disney resort and visited all the parks. It’s a great place to visit. The thing we noticed is that everything is first-class, from the rides to the stage shows.

Yeah, my brother lives there so same for me!