DisneyShorts Needs a New Server

I had mentioned before that my “Encyclopedia of Disney Animated Shorts” would probably be down pretty soon as I can’t afford to pay the $45 that Geocities wants to keep a 100 meg site up. I’d like to be able to keep it up, though, since it’s been fairly popular and has even been cited by the Online Encyclopedia Brittanica as a recommended research site. So if anyone could suggest a server that can handle :

1 : 100 meg and growing

2 : Disney doesn’t mind the copyright violations so much as long as I’m not trying to sell anything, so I can’t put any banner ads up.

3 : Real cheap; free would be nice.

4 : Gotta be able to handle FTP uploading.

Any suggestions?

Bump? Anyone?

Nope, sorry, just wanted to say that when I read the thread title I thought it said “Disney’s Shorts Need A New Savior”.

Yes, I’m stupid.