Display adapter problems

Recently Ive been having trouble with my display. For some reason, starting several months ago, my monitor would abruptly stop receiving or displaying signal.

Known symptoms:

  1. This always happens within a few minutes after or during startup.

  2. Its never happened when running a 3D application so I don’t hink its a faulty driver issue. It might be due to problems with the previous Radeon installation, but I;ve found no good guide to eliminating previous installation artifacts. The only one I found said useless stuff such as “their’ll be like 3-4 things listed here and g ahead and delte the last one.” In other words, terribly vague to run a reg hack off of.

  3. Because of the timing it might be a flaw in the hardware for the radeon, but it can’t be due to pverheating, unless its overheating only at a specific time. Ditto fo the monitor. Seems unlikely.

  4. Doesn’t always happen. Reboting clears the problem.

Anyone have any ideas at all?

Almost forgot: Radeon 9800 se 128 MB

AMD Athlon XP 2000+ 1.66 ghz

Try this tool for uninstalling ATI components. It’s an official ATI utility.

ATI Uninstaller

Also, one of the better ATI fan websites is called Rage3D . I usually check out their forums when I’m having ATI issues, and I just found a 12 page thread of people having the same issue. .

Good luck!

WoW, thanks guys! I’ve never seen that utility before and I scoured the ATi webpage a while back!