Disposal of a glass jar of grease

Should a glass jar of solidified bacon grease going in with the recyclables or the regular trash?

In the trash. Recyclable materials must be clean and free of food waste, especially for plastic and paper recyclables.

It is trash, don’t sweat it. Recycle what you can but if you find that a jar is too hard to clean weigh the amount of water and soap you need to use versus the item. I recycle 98% of the bottles, jars and containers we have, but some salad dressing bottles just go in the trash and occasionally I find deep in the back of the bottom of the fridge an old jar of discusting something and I don’t even think about opening it. Into the trash it goes.

Side note: Interesting user name, what computer system do you primarily use?

Put the jar w/grease in the freezer. When you’re ready to throw a bag of trash out, grab the jar, run the outside of the jar under some hot tap water. You should be able to just “thwack” the bottom of the jar and the grease should pop out and into the trash. Now you can recycle the jar.

I do this with gross old leftover containers I find in the back of the fridge. If I’m afraid the contents will be stinky I just pop the whole thing in the freezer until garbage day then use above method to throw out the contents of containers I want to wash and keep or recycle.


You can not only recycle the jar but the grease as well. Birds love the grease in the winter. Mix in some wild bird seed and hang it outside in a mesh bag or storebought/homemade bird feeder.

Is it JUST bacon grease, or is it mixed grease? If it’s just bacon grease, it should be going back into your food as cooking lubricant! Nom nom nom…

(Seriously, I’m making sawmill gravy tonight, and I’m out of bacon grease! I don’t know whats to do!)

Those are both excellent ideas. Though we rarely have grease to freeze, SeaDragonTattoo’s idea would be good for the odd science project like things found usually a few weeks after a big holiday or party.

You could do what the former owners of my house did, and bury it in the back yard :rolleyes: (actually it was a coffee can rather than a jar, but still…)

When I dug it up, I threw it in the trash, for what it’s worth. And I don’t know what kind of grease it was, other than probably formerly some sort of animal.

Soylent Grease … is people!

Bacon grease is a wonderful flavoring agent. I have cooked grilled cheese sandwiches in it, and panfried potatoes, and used a bit of it instead of butter with various steamed veggies. In fact, I have fried up a couple of bacon slices and put them in the cheese sandwiches before grilling them.

Why yes, my kitchen IS designated a “Cardio Caution Zone”, why do you ask?

The proper way to dispose of such a jar is with a 12 gauge, at 25 yards.

Put the grease in a can and burn it like Sterno canned heat. Heating a house is expensive.:slight_smile: Used under one of those warming dishes the greasy smoke will flavor all the food and guests with a lovely smoky bacon. Lets not forget rags on a stick soaked in grease for a lovely torch for mobs in riot.:slight_smile:

It should be saved for acts of civil disobedience.

I’m having a hard time trying to parse this. The whole point of civil disobedience is to be civil. What are you going to do with a jar of grease and still be civil?

Yep yep! Potatoes with bacon grease is just indescribably better than potatoes in oil or shortening, and butter risks scorching. Bacon grease also great for sauteing garlic and greens (kale/collards/turnips) before steaming them.

I solved my dilemma last night by making sausage gravy instead; I just couldn’t bring myself to attempt sawmill gravy with canola oil. I know you were worried about me all night, but it all worked out in the end. :wink: The Teenager is under orders to cook and eat bacon this week to replenish my bacon grease stock.

Put out on somebody’s parking lot, & set fire to it?

[del]Not that I ever[/del] BUT IT WOULD BE WRONG!!

So then, I should of cooked my scambled eggs in the bacon grease instead of the butter I used?

Side note: Interesting user name, what computer system do you primarily use?

I use an IBM “system i” at work (previously called an iSeries, AS/400, System 36. and system 38).

Tell that to Abbie Hoffman.

I suspected as much. I am an iSeries/AS400 programmer. Mostly RPG/RPGLE but Cobol in the past.

As to cooking eggs in bacon fat, I love it that way. It adds a nice taste. I usually don’t have any bacon fat around though and use just the minimal amount of butter to coat the bottom of the pan.