Disputing Credit Card Charge - PAID IN CONTEST

I remember reading a long time ago that if you disputed a credit card charge with the merchant but was forced to pay, you could write in “Paid in Contest” (or something to that effect) on the signature line to let the merchant and the creditor know that you did not agree with the charge.

For example, let’s say you go to a night club, they bring you a bunch of stuff that you didnt order and dont tell you that they’re charging you for it. At the end, they surprise you with an exorbitant bill. At that point, you have no choice but to pay; less you want your legs to be broken.

Everything I’m reading online is showing information on disputing the charge after the fact. But what if you dont even agree with the charge in the first place but are forced into that position? What’s the best way to let the credit card company know that you didnt authorize or agree with the charges? What are your best options?

Start with not signing it. If you sign it and put a note that the charge is a fraud, how are they not going to break your legs for the note saying it was fraudulent?

Contact your CC provider immediately, or else on the spot by phone and dispute the charge. They will put a hold on paying it out until the dispute is settled (even if you did actually sign).

Then you go through a process of a written dispute. Ultimately there will be a decision, and if you don’t like the decision, it becomes a legal matter.

In general, a delightful time in a nice place with excellent entertainment and careless tracking of a mounting bill is probably not going to result in a decision your way. All depends on the nightclub’s generosity.

You can always call the police immediately after leaving the club and attempt to press charges for extortion if that’s what actually happened.