I just threw a tantrum...

Over my bank’s process for disputing a charge. Not entirely proud of it but, well. They’re dummy poopoo heads! :mad:

There’s a charge on my account that I didn’t authorize. My daughter (10) purchased a VIP membership on some phone app she uses. I don’t know how she did it but the payment went through the company itself and not Google Play. It was for a year membership and while it wasn’t a huge amount, $40, money’s tight enough that it was going to cause some problems. So I went on the website and cancelled the account literally within 10 minutes of it happening. I contacted their customer service about getting a refund and was told they could but I just needed to send them a screenshot of the receipt. Fine, I did that. Nothing. They went from responding to emails right away to almost a week with no response. Further attempts to get someone were also failures. So I decide to dispute it through my bank. I’ve got emails showing they were going to refund so it shouldn’t be a big deal right?

I contact them and ask about disputing the charge. Oh of course they can! I just need to follow these simple steps. I need to write a letter with the following:
What is the charge?
When was it done?
What company?
Why am I disputing it?
Have I contacted the company?
How did I contact them? Phone? Email?
Who did I contact? When?
What was the name of the customer service rep? Their rep id if available.
What did they say?
Why didn’t this work for me?
Who else did I contact?
What was their name/id/time of contact?
Provide proof of previous contact in the form of email logs or letters.
Write/type all of this out on actual paper and sign it. And bring it physically into one of their branches to start the process.

Needless to say I found all of this ridiculous and I let that be known lol Now I do know it’s not the rep’s fault but holy hell. They basically want me to write out an essay on why I deserve my money back. It’s forty freaking dollars. I’m not requesting back the GDP of Paraguay or something. I kinda flipped a bit and told them it was the last straw and I was closing my account. And I said I’d be in on Saturday and asked if I needed to write out why I wanted to close it out and have it notarized first. Their response? ‘None of our branches are open on Saturday’ :smack:

So I just ended the conversation and fwiw I did immediately go and open an account at another bank. But ffs people…

That’s pretty ridiculous. My bank just says, "Sure, no problem. That’ll be a $30 service fee, would you like me to deduct that from your account now?

They may be a bit over the top, but not unreasonably so. The first 6-7 questions any bank should be asking. They’re just being more thorough & bulletproof when they go back to the merchant; by providing proof that you contacted the merchant & they stated they’d refund you when they didn’t you/the bank have a pretty much open & shut dispute case.