Disqus seems to be taking longer than usual. Reload?

No, Disqus isn’t taking any longer than usual. It ALWAYS takes this long, and a couple of page reloads, to show comments.

Anyone else hate Disqus?


The idea of Disqus is great: A multi-platform commenting system that many different sites can use and commenters only need to deal with one account instead of registering to comment at every.damn.site.

Yet they manage to fuck even the most basic shit up. Why the fuck is there no way to search for Disqus users?! Why does threading stop after 3 or 4 levels, leaving further levels all just stacked on top of each other? I’ve seen many many many times where you can click “load more comments” several times and still every post is in that stacked level. Comments are impossible to keep track of if the page gets several hundred (or more) comments, even trying to sort all ways (best/oldest/newest).

There’s no way to indicate there are new comments within a sub-thread since the last time you visited that page, so you have to scroll through all the damn comments you’ve read to hopefully spot newer time)stamped posts. And they fucking hid downvote counts. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THEM, THEN? Haven’t you noticed how many people have been wanting a “dislike” button on Facebook?

It absolutely kills a lot of mobile devices, slowing down or locking up after the first couple “load new comments” clicks. And then the bullshit you mentioned: “Disqus seems to be taking longer than usual. Reload, even though it’ll just spin for a bit and give you this exact same message again?” I was getting this on multiple sites, so I cleared cache, history and cookies. Still didn’t work. So I tweeted their customer service about it and they ended up actually saying they don’t support mobile browsers or the iPad. :dubious: Really? In 2014 you’re claiming to bot support Disqus on mobile devices? After you just did a big redesign of THE MOBILE VERSION OF DISQUS and promoted the shit out of it? That’s a pile of stinkjng bullshit.

Hate-hate-hate disqus. For all the reasons above. For so many reasons that I have never been able to formulate a complaint to them. The system has random glitches, lacks features that would seem obvious to me, even acts erratically at times. Too bad, too, because as the OP points out–it’s a great idea.