Dissapeared Thread

It really sucks after investing about 3 or 4 posts in the space of one day to suddenly have your work vanish without any explanation.
Just sayin

Have you any idea as to why it was disappeared? Sensitive subject? Train wreck?

Does this happen regularly? Just earlier today (or was it yesterday)? I clicked on a thread that looked interesting (it was titled “anal” – hey, what can I say, it caught my interest). I was referred to a page saying I wasn’t authorized to view the page. After that, the thread disappeared. I assumed that the originator of the the thread must have been a spammer or something.

Usually a sock or spammer.

You can PM a mod and they will usually tell you why it was disappeared.

A Pit thread re: Michael Vick has disappeared - very strange.

Generally speaking, if a thread disappears, it’s because it was started by a spammer or sock or other undesirable. Email a moderator, and you’ll get an explanation. We understand that it’s awkward (not to say frustrating) when you’ve written something brilliant, only to find it was a reply to a sock and so disappears. On t’other hand, the disappearance of their work is pretty much the only way we have of discouraging such people. So, let’s hope they feel your frustration a hundredfold.

If you’re talking about some other situation – where your posts have vanished from a thread, say? – then email a mod or admin so we can look into it. That shouldn’t happen.

Since the OP of that one proclaimed that he was trolling right in the subject line, maybe not so strange.

Yup, suicide by Mod. Not even eligible for a Cyber-Darwin Award.

Perhaps. Buty i can understand why a poster would attempt to offer the possibility he was trolling simply because he would feel his OP would meet opposition. I’m assuming that was the case. In any event, I did request an explanation from Miller.

I’m sure the transgression was obvious and warranted a serious intervention.

Please send a PM to a moderator if you’re curious about these kinds of disappearances.