Dissapearing Email

Is it possible for someone to send you mail and have it set to where the e-mail will delete itself from your mailbox (lets say hotmail) after a given time period (a couple days) without you doing anything?
The reason I asked is because I purchased info on a wholesale list off ebay, the seller sent me an e-mail containing all the wholesale sites I was interested in, then after about 3 or so days, the mail dissapeared. I am sure I did not delete it, I keep my mail, and still have mail dating from before and after I received the seller’s mail.
Did he make his emails delete themselves so, say, I couldn’t turn right back around and sell his wholesale info on ebay.

It’s possible, if the message is in HTML format and only links to the data on the seller’s website, but it sounds like you’re saying that the entire message disappeared from your inbox? I didn’t think that was possible with normal mail clients or web services…

yes, the entire message dissapeared from the hotmail inbox

Looks like maybe it is possible… There would be no way for the sender to make any hard copies disappear though, neither would any data that you had copied and pasted out be lost.

Just out of interest, was the wholesale list any good at all? I had always assumed that these things were a scam.

OK, it sort of works, and is quite clever. I would check carefully - I assume (apologies if I’m wrong) they harvest and spam all emails you use.

Also it’s cool trick, but it’s done with html code - it doesn’t delete the email, it just shows up as ‘message deleted’ instead of what it should. So anyone with any sense can open the email as text and see everything.


It was a list of Mitchell & Ness seller websites. Only half of the list actually sold the intended product, and half of that half had them for wholesale. The list also repeated the same sites over and over too. It was a big scam, but did the guy really have to delete my email?

Did you leave negative feedback? - all of the items like this that I’ve seen on ebay seem to be put up by members with untarnished records.