Distributed computing - Other applications

For over 2 years now, I have been running the United Devices distributed computer application on my computer. I started this because of postings to these forums and I have plenty of excess computer capacity. The original application was studying cancer and possible interventions.

The current application is a Defense Department study of smallpox. Maybe I’m paranoid, but I’m not sure that I want to help the DoD study new ways to use smallpox.

I only know of SETI (but that seems a little silly) and I’m interested in finding other similar applications. I don’t mind allowing others to use my computer in a good cause. I have an always on system with DSL access.

I’m not sure how to Google on this, so if anyone has any information, please post.



Another popular application is Folding@Home.

There are projets to look for the next prime, protein folding, climate predictions etc. Check here

Lots of applications here. I chose a HIV one.

Thanks, all.


Software development, too. The new Macintosh development environment for OS X 10.3 automatically uses idle computers on the network to speed compilation of a large software project.

On a re-read, I realize the OP meant Internet-based distribution. The distributed.net client tries to crack RC4 encryption keys. No practical application, but still interesting

If you signed on to United Devices to fight cancer, and are bothered by the DoD smallpox project, you don’t have to give up on them now. They are still currently running a cancer research project as well. The idea was that you might get either one when you download a new task. You can, however, change your preferences to exclude one or the other. So many people have refused the smallpox project that anyone who isn’t refusing it is getting smallpox tasks pretty much by default.

Here’s how you change your preferences to run just the cancer project:

Go to grid.org.

Along the top under the banner graphic, click the link that says Member Services. Sign in.

On the blue sidebar on the left, click the link that says My Device Manager.

On the main white page, under where it says My Device Manager in red, you should see

Devices | Profiles | Statistics

Click Profiles.

Now, under the grey bar where it says Profile Name, you should see a list of any profiles you might have created. (I only have one myself.) Click on any and all items in that list.

You should see a table with stats about how much hard drive space you have allocated, and when the UD program runs. Down toward the bottom there is a blue bar titled “Thank you for volunteering your PC!” Underneath it are the check boxes where you can pick which or both of the current projects you want to run. Deselect the one you don’t want. Click “Save” and you’re all set.

Might want to try http://www.seventeenorbust.com .

The application has very low overhead, and a definite starting/ending time. I love it!