SETI@home and other Internet projects

This article discusses various Internet-based distributed computing projects, such as SETI@home and several others.

From the article, here are some projects that I thought were interesting.[ul][li]Popular Power - flu vaccine research.[/li][li]Parabon Computation - cancer research.[/li][li]Entropia - variety of areas (but no definite information given on its website).[/ul]Any opinions on these or any of the other projects?[/li]
I know there are some SDMB SETI people, but is anybody out there running another project?

I do it because I like the idea of using otherwise-unused CPU cycles without interfering when I want some cycles for my own use. I do [url=“”| because I’m interested in codes and ciphers and related items. I am not expecting to get any money out of it.

SETI rocks! Mostly because you can say, “yeah, no aliens got through to kill our men and take our women on * my * watch”. Of course, then you get weird looks from those around you, but hey :slight_smile: