District of Columbia becomes a state--- what should it be called?

According to the Washington Post it would renamed State of Washington, Douglass Commonwealth. The sentiment is nice, but won’t having two states with the same name cause confusion?

You really can’t stick with District of Columbia because its not longer just a “district”.

As a matter of fact renaming it to just Columbia would probably meet backlash because of Christopher Columbus.

Anyone have better ideas or do you like any of the above?

I think Columbia would still be the best solution; even with all Columbus backlash.

Washington, Jr.

I would be fine leaving it DC, even if it’s not a district anymore. Feel free to come up with a backronym if that doesn’t work for ya or just call the state “DC” not standing for anything in partcicular.

It seems like your answer is right there: “Douglass”

Martin Luther King

Yeah, actually, Douglass Commonwealth works fine for me. That’d be my vote.

Douglass Commonwealth is indeed an awesome name.

I like Columbia. I was born there and already tell people I’m Columbian. Nothing else will work as well, but I don’t think it will happen in my lifetime anyway.

That confusion already exists, depending on where you are and who you are talking to. As an East Coaster for a long time, it never occurred to me that referring to “Washington” could mean anything besides DC. Only when I moved away and started hanging out with a more mixed crowd did I realize that some of the people who told me they were from “Washington” meant the state. Eventually I realized that it was best to refer to the capital as “DC.”

I agree that Douglass Commonwealth is a great name. One hopes the citizens would get to choose their name from the top candidates they suggest; I think “Douglass Commonwealth” would stand an excellent chance of being accepted.

Indeed, as a kid here in Chicago, I thought for the longest time that the Washington Redskins were from Washington state. I’m not sure why, but I’m pretty sure I was a teen or knocking on teenage by the time I realized my mistake.

If it was left up to me it would be Columbia because it’s easy and traditional but Douglass would be good; Frederick deserves some recognition. I dislike the confusion brought on by two Washingtons so get rid of one.

Virginialand, or Maryginia?

How about Potomac? That way, they can avoid any issues of naming it after a person if that person later turns out to be a schmuck.

Well the federal city itself would likely retain the name Washington, even if the state was to be named Douglass Commonwealth.

Statey McStateface.

So rename the old one “North Oregon”.

Just so everyone is clear, this is specifically what the bill says:

Subject to the provisions of this Act, upon the issuance of the proclamation required by section 103(a), the State of Washington, Douglass Commonwealth is declared to be a State of the United States of America, and is declared admitted into the Union on an equal footing with the other States in all respects whatever.

Da Capital?

I find that confusing. Washington is the name of a city that already exists in the proposed state. Granted, it’s the only city, but that’s no reason to incorporate it into the name of the state. Columbia is the most logical candidate, but I understand why its citizens might want to use statehood as an opportunity to adopt a less imperialistic name. Douglass is a nice tribute, but a geographical name like Potomac would be my first choice (As if anybody in DC cares what a Californian thinks)

Football Team.