Disturbed Stupified

Yeah, the song’s a couple years old now, but watching the video just now made me remember something I’ve always wondered ever since I first heard the song. Why is F word never censored, either in the video, or when the song is played on the radio? David Draiman is clearly using it. This isn’t a thread about wether it should be censored or not (that would be Great Debates teritory) but since other songs or videos usually get edited out when profanity is used, how does Disturbed get away with it?

Because few people can understand what the hell he’s saying.

Well, I know part of the reason it doesn’t get censored is because he says the word more like a sound, but when you hear

I’ve been waiting my whole life for just one
And all I needed was just one
How can you say that you don’t give a

It’s pretty obvious that the “sound” he makes at the end of each of these lines is, in fact, the F word.

Not really. It wasn’t until I looked up the lyrics online about a year after hearing the song that I had any idea as to what the hell he was going on and on about.

The lyrics are pretty intelligible.

Okay, not relative to the original post but why is it okay to show women’s ta ta’s and boobies but not men’s schlongs?

I think it’s supposedly ‘rock’ and not ‘fuck’. Yeah, it doesn’t make sense with some of the lines, but that’s modern music for ya.