Disturbing AIDS awareness posters

A French AIDS awareness group has come up with an poster campaign that might put you off sex for good.

WARNING: not entirely work-safe. But more than that, they’re creepy.

But will they work?

I’m at least a little unclear on the point that they’re trying to make… is it “people with AIDS are disgusting arachnids?”

:eek: Just :eek:

Well, that’ll teach you not to answer an internet ad, “young, hot, Scorpion looking for fun in the bedroom”…

Well, I’ve fucked my last giant scorpion.

Someone, somewhere, is masturbating to these pictures.

Somewhere? I’m right here!

Yikes. I had no idea that spiders would do that! Now I have a whole new reason to fear and loathe them!


:eek: :eek: :eek: What the hell? Besides being disturbing images and ones which I don’t think should be put in a public place,* the implication is that people with AIDS are disgusting monsters. I think AIDS awareness is better served by campaigns showing that anyone – even attractive, “good” people – can have/get AIDS. I’d like to know what these posters are trying to accomplish.

*I have a friend who is extrememly arachnophobic; God knows he’d probably have a hysterical fit if he saw those posters. And won’t somebody please think of the children???

Right I’m emailing them to our Junior dean, who is also a microbiologist. he will love them.

Every year, on the Wednesday night of the first week of term he give the “STD lecture” to the new first med students. At this he spends the first 30 mins showing humourous condom and Sex ed adverts from around the world, and the last 30mins showing close-up slides of people with STDs (as horrible as you imagine). The new babydocs are then plied with vodka by the Biological Society (medicine society), given free condoms and encouraged to break the ice with their classmates.

It’s traditional.

It’s an evil bedroom, it’s a bug bedroom!

See, that didn’t even occur to me. Looking at those posters, I thought they were showing that AIDS itself is disgusting, horrible and dangerous (NOT the sexual partners).

What, no mosquitos?

Hm. Yes, that’s probably what they were trying to communicate (at least, I hope so), but I think they could’ve done job of it. Or maybe I just have different ideas of what an AIDS awareness campaign should focus on.

Sleep with a giant scorpion, and you’ve slept with every other giant scorpion?

Did nobody else catch that? That is a female spider!!!

Wow, lesbian, arachnid sex.

Does it get hotter than that?

Atleast we now know that Peter Parker’s story was bullshit.

:eek: How can you tell?!

Oh, and might I say and am more than a bit miffed that the men-lovin’ crowd gets themselves a nice hunk of naked man-flesh that, to me at least, seems like it is nice, where as those of us who adore the female of the species get nothin’. Not fair. I mean, give us an ass, a nipple, something!

I’d be curious which organization it is. Didn’t see these posters until now.