dizziness - tinnitus, meniere's?

I get these minor vertigo moments at varying intervals (sometimes every 30 seconds, sometimes every 10 or more minutes) which come in waves. Accompanying this is a low, roaring sound - reminds me of wind wooshing in my ear. For those who have had Paxil withdrawals, it feels very much like that (I havent taken Paxil in several years so that isn’t the cause of this).

I’ve had this for several months, and will see a doctor about it next week, but in the meantime would like to be pointed in the right direction for proper resources. It isn’t intense or debilitating, but it is annoying; and I would be quite upset if this condition worsened.

So is this tinnitus? Or the more severe Meneire’s Disease?

Tinnitus refers simply to the perception of sound when there is no external auditory stimuli that could produce it. Oftentimes it presents in the form of a ringing or whistling sound, and is very common in persons with hearing loss. But a roaring sound is also possible.

Roaring tinnitus and dizziness are two classic symptoms of Meniere’s disease. Another is fluctuating hearing loss. See the doctor pronto, and he or she is likely to refer you to an otolaryngologist and an audiologist for additional evaluation.

Best of luck.

Headcoat, I’m certainly not well informed so I will only say my thoughts. I may be way-off track…

But from what I understood, tinnitus was more of an uncontrollable “ringing” in the ears, as opposed to the “whooshing” sound you describe. I thought the ringing in the ears was of a very high frequency.

A friend of mine has been diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease and they have the waves of dizziness associated also with a panic attack. She has now just recently also been diagnosed with Anorexia, perhaps because of the stress of coping with the Meniere’s.

That actually can be another cause for these waves of dizziness, I believe. Mere stress and panic attacks. Are you stressed about anything in particular?

Another cause may be elevated blood pressure. I was experiencing frequent dizzy attacks and felt as though I was walking along the side of a steep hill. One side of my body tilting over slightly. My balance felt totally shot! Turned out my blood pressure was sky-high.

As I say, I’m not from a medical background, by any means, so I could be totally wrong.

I’m probably of no help to you at all! Anyway hope you get it sorted out very soon.

I also had vertigo and thought it was due to my frequent swimming. I found out later I had high blood pressure. Once I got it down with the DASH diet it almost went away. I still have it, although much milder, if my pressure gets up there a little. I also used to wake up with headaches. Doesn’t hurt to check it out. Also, Ginko Biloba seemed to help some as it increases blood flow to your brain.

Actually, “tinnitus” describes a variety of symptoms with a variety of causes, and can include not only the better-known “ringing in the ears,” but also buzzing, roaring, pulsing, or clicking sounds. During the fall allergy season, for example, I tend to get a crackling sound in one ear, and it’s clearly from a minor eustachian tube problem brought on by mild allergies. Read all about tinnitus here.

Because the symptoms vary so widely, and the causes can be so hard to pin down, Headcoat will certainly need a doctor’s help to figure it out, and even then, it won’t be simple!

You might have Positional Vertigo which can come and go. There is a medication, “Antivert” that helps. My Son-In-Law has this malady.