Dizzy Gillespie's jowls

I was just watching an episode of The Muppet Show with jazz trumpeting supergenius Dizzy Gillespie. I couldn’t but be impressed by the size of the jowls when he plays. At the end of the show, he tells Kermit how much he admires frogs because they can puff out their jowls (Dizzy puts his finger to his mouth and puffs out so large, you’d swear he had jammed two large grapefruits in his mouth).

My question is this, what, if any, are the detrimental effects of playing a brass instrument for so long your jowls get this stretched out?

He actually got surgury to his inner cheeks to release them from the sides of his mouth. That is why he can get it so big. He also does a lot of stretching to do that. The advantage he has though is that the muscles are well toned in his cheeks so he can talk and not have his cheeks hanging near his shoulders.

The only detrimental thing I have noticed from such a streched or overworked emboucher is that you drool much more often than one normally would. My husband doesn’t mind my drool though.

none, dizzy lived to be almost eighty, and i met him once very late in his life, after a concert in wormtown, MA. i shook his hand and he couldnt really say anything cuz he had about 5 pounds of appetizers stuffed in them jowls. he muttered something incomprehensible and sprayed crumbs all over my new suit. then he died a couple months later. see what happens when you attack me, pit denizens!!! my old trumpet teachers usta tell me it wuz really bad technique, but fortunately, no one told dizzy that. RIP, diz!