DMX, please go away.

I mean, I have seen rappers who are full of themselves. In fact, most of them are. But this silly bastard takes the cake. And now that he has his 3rd flop coming out in theaters he is interviewing around like he is the next big action star. Just doing stuff that “comes natural to him”. Well, X, if being a bad actor comes natural to you then you go girl!

Anyone see him the the Seagal career ender “Exit Wounds”? Yeah, ole Steve wasn’t at the top of his game going into that one, but that flick sealed it up for him. Especially the scene when he is firing a 9mm pistol at a helicopter and, not only does the helicopter explode from his pistol, the sound guy put the wrong sounds on the pistol and made it sound like an uzi. Then X comes in and makes it exponetially worse with his bad acting. For someone who is supposed to be a “thug” he sure has a hard time being a convincing one on screen.

Now this new flop, Cradle 2 the Grave, is gonna hit theaters. Poor Jet Li. His poor english skills got him into this I am sure. Anyone see the commercial for this one? The one where X runs up a wall and does a flip while a fucking doberman runns up the same wall and flips? Yeah. Give it to me X. You sealed Jet’s fate with this one.

And if recycling the exact same beats at different speeds for half your songs comes natural to you, then rock on brother, because you do that better than PDiddy. This new song on Mtv “X gonna give it to ya” is the same beat, and I mean SAME, as one song on “and then there was X”. Your rhymes are pathetic and don’t even come close to matching the beats that you recycle.

DMX, please, go away. The whole gangsta thug thing is so 1993.

I agree. What ever happened to gangsta rappers being murdered? It just doesn’t happen as often anymore, unfortunatly.