Ghost Rider 2 was awful.

F*****g awful. Jesus how did this movie get made?

Carry on.

Because people will watch it. Like you did. :smiley:

In other news, the universe is large.

Nicholas Cage makes shitty movies that sell a lot at the box office. He’s the most perfect proof of someone selling their soul to the devil for fame or fortune. He has no discernible talent but still gets roles.

We bought it today - we liked the first one well enough (it was kinda fun, the cgi was done well enough, etc) - but god this one just sucked.

It had no soul.

You’d think Cage being so obsessed with comic books would mean his comic book movies would be really good.

You’d think.

I have no idea how it got made. It was just bad. The first one was fun. But the second one was like watching grass dying. Took a long time to happen, then you are left with nothing.

I liked it. Call me crazy but I think this movie added a little more depth to the “Ghost Ridder” side of Jonny Blaze.

When was Ghost Rider in Romania? Was this story from the comic books? And he looked better in the first one.

FYI my son rented this turd.

I don’t think Cage is so obsessed with comic books as he is with money. His roles over the last few years seem to indicate someone who’s in financial trouble who needs quick fat paychecks.

He needs to stick to unserious secondary cast parts. Like Big Daddy in Kick-ass.

The fact that this movie makes money is the reason why Hollywood greenlights so much garbage these days. Why take a chance on originality when sequels, remakes and the likes make them money no matter what?

I never saw the first one, and I’m no Cage hater, but dear lord… I can’t imagine how terrible that movie must have been. I’m really sorry for anyone who has had the misfortune of sitting through it!

You say this like you didn’t know that this is in fact precisely what he’s doing.

I did but I decided to soften my choice of words.

Ghost Rider 2 flopped hard. After foreign ticket sales and DVD sales, it’ll break even, but there likely won’t be a Ghost Rider 3.

I had no idea it was out. I knew it was being made, but I can’t remember when it was released.

Even though I believe you when you tell me it sucked, I will likely rent it.

First of all, it’s title is Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Secondly, there are sites like Rotten Tomatoes that will tell you if a movie might be bad or not. 17% all critics, 27% top critics (!), 33% audience (I suspect some trolling there).

17% at RT means you watch it for the purpose of MST3King a bad movie.

It cost $57M. It made $52M domestic box office. Throw in overseas, DVD, TV, etc. That’s why they made it. It will end up making a small amount of money. Maybe, just maybe, enough to inspire another sequel.

For another $80 million so far, according to Box Office Mojo.



ISTM that the more salient question would be: “How could it NOT get made?”

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