DNC is for smart people only.

Democrats are holding the show in Boston this week, and they want all Americans to come join them. All except the stupid, that is.

I am one of “the stupid”.

Many Democrats told me once and again that I am stupid. So they don’t want me.

They say that I am stupid because I don’t agree with them. And I don’t agree with them because I am stupid.

They say that I am stupid because I think different. And I think different because I am stupid.

They say that I am stupid because I am not a Democrat. And I am not a Democrat because I am stupid.

So because I am stupid, Democrats don’t want me to join them.

And I am not alone. I saw many other “stupid” people rejected and ridiculed by Democrats. It happens even on this Board.

Democrats want people to get “smart” before they accept them.

The only way for us “stupid” to get “smart” is to join Democrats. And the only way for us “stupid” to join Democrats is to get “smart”.

But I have a “stupid” thought again: isn’t that the (please help me with a long word, all together now) To-ta-li-ta-ri-an way?

Don’t be “stupid”, be a “smartie”
Come and join the Nazi party?

Personally, I think writing an OP with one-line paragraphs is stupid. Makes it look like a rant-sonnet or something.

*Shall they compare me to a summer’s day?

No, they call me stupid and intemperate.

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May.

But my eternal dumbness shall not fade.*

I don’t know about totalitarian, but you’ve certainly gone a long way to proving to me that you’re I-N-C-O-H-E-R-E-N-T. Do you have anything to back up your veiled comparison of the Democrats to the Nazis, or were you just planning on leaving it flapping around unsubstantiated? And a “they want me to think like them!” doesn’t really count, since as far as I can tell, most people prefer to join political parties with which they find themselves ideologically aligned.

Feeling a lttle disadvantaged, are you? It’s ok. Someday you, too, can have a brain.

And your travelling companion a heart.

(snipping out stupid stuff)

Ever consider that maybe it’s not the Democrats? Maybe you’re like…you know…just stupid?

I’m sorry you’re stupid.


Ah, yes. From Bill Clinton’s famous “Please Don’t Vote For Me, All You Stupid People” speech.


lambchops, my darling dumpling! Thanks for today’s out-loud guffaw. I just knew opening this thread (given the title and OP) would be highly entertaining. But in the very first reply? Kudos, my merry munchkin!

Iskander the New felt rejected;
Those smarty Dems left him dejected.
He ran to the Pit
To rant. But the wit
Of those liberals! swiftly dissected

The poor, hapless tool of the Right.
Too bad, but it’s scarcely a fight
That one can call fair,
For New Iskander’s bare-
ly coherent on good days. Good night!

This post is possibly the most stupid partisan political I have ever read on this board.

Now I’ve got a picture of Cheney rubbing his hands together and saying “And your little fucking dog too”

But…if they were really stupid, then they voted for him anyway! Get it? :wink:

Hey, that’s quite the giant effigy you’ve constructed. Too bad it’s made entirely of straw.

As Robert Heinlein said, the problem with stupid people is they don’t really believe there’s a such thing as being smart. They think that people just make it up to make them feel stupid.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Posting an OP such as this one, well…

So now you’re admitting that you don’t proofread your own work? :wink:

“There are those who”, New_Isk, you forgot “There are those who”.

Oh, wait, that’s the other party.

How stupid of me.

This seems to me to be one of the biggest, and perhaps most fundimental, differences between the right and left wing.
I heard an interview on Fresh Air recently where Terry was interviewing someone “right-wing” ( I forget exactly who or why) and they began to quible over what it “elitism” meant. To Terry (a pretty safe assumption of her being left-wing) Elitism meant more money and power to Terry, but this did not make much sense to the man who defined (or meant to, the guy did a terrible job from what I heard of the program) elitism as more thinking yourself as better/smarter than others.

Poor baby. Many Democrats may have told you that you are stupid. And you yourself have agreed with them: "I am one of “the stupid”. ) Since you have agreed with them, all former membership requirements have been waived. You are now free to vote as a member of the Democratic Party if you so choose.

We have removed the security censors assigned to you previously.

You’re not stupid, New Iskander. Where did you get that idea?

Well, Isk its just like my ol’ Pappy used to say: Don’t worry about what people are thinking about you, 'cause they aren’t.