DNC whistleblower Seth Rich: was his murder a hit?

Like the accusations of murders within the Obama camp, and even the Bill Clinton camp (remember the early 1990s?), I just can’t believe that the number of people required to successfully pull off something like this could keep it under wraps even this long; it happened on the 12th.

Some pro-Bernie supporters on another board are proposing this, and even speculating that Bernie himself was threatened in some way into conceding to Hillary.



Unless Bernie himself confirms that he’s been threatened, that’s wild speculation.

As for Seth Rich’s murder … there doesn’t seem to be any info, really. Sad but I don’t see why Bernie fans will think groundless conspiracies will be helpful.

where is it shown that he was a whisleblower? the article does not show any info on data that he disclosed.

Turns out Snopes has some information, with links.

Yes, I ordered the hit myself. I told the people to Get Rich Quick! They just misinterpreted me.

Getting shot in DC at 4 AM on a Saturday should surprise no one.

Makes it an awesome place to assassinate people!

Here’s the thing… why is this news about a DNC cum Clinton whistleblower being on a Clinton hitlist even semi-believable? I think it is that there has been so much smoke (wondering about fire) about the Clintons over the years that folks may have the slightest tendency to stop and think there might be a grain of truth about it.

What would be (y)our reaction if somebody had made a claim that Bernie Sanders had ordered a hit on someone for political reasons? Ludicrous no? With the Clintons there is always smoke.

Most of the smoke about the Clintons is pouring out of the horribly-metasticized Vince Foster trash fire, so no - rational folks do not stop and think about this.

It isn’t semi-believable, it isn’t remotely believable at all, except among people whose world view is completely skewed and who will do absolutely anything to discredit someone they really, really hate.

As for Sanders: I would say that a claim that Bernie Sanders had someone killed for political reasons would be just as believable as a claim that Hillary Clinton had done the same.

Boy, it’s like a game of Whack-a-mole with some of these leftover Sanders diehards…deal with one insane rumor, one statistics-based lie, and another jumps up to take its place.

Off topic, but–A number of years ago there was a particularly sordid crime murder in my county. It mixed politics and passion, bribery and sex, and the newspaper had a very good time exploring every detail of the situation. The victim was a woman who had recently broken off an affair she’d been having with a local (corrupt) politician, and the politician and his new girlfriend decided that the woman in question, who was married to a police officer, perhaps knew too much…

Anyway, it came out that the politician and girlfriend (the killers) talked about the best time and place to carry out the crime and came up with two possibilities:

–as she exited her little country church on a Thursday night following choir practice; or

–as she left her gym on the outskirts of the county seat (the “big city”) following exercise class on a Monday night.

They chose the church. Bad choice; it was the only murder in that community in something like fifty years. Had they chosen the gym, which was close to “dangerous neighborhoods” [not just poor but heavily African American, OMG!] with plenty of gun violence and several murders a year, the first assumption might have been some hoodlum from the city’s north side waving a gun around. I suspect they’d have gotten busted anyway, but the choice of the church didn’t help.


And the family is threatening to sue and the private investigator says he was misquoted.

Edited: “Threatening to sue” is overstating it. But they are unhappy about some conspiracy theories.

I would bet that this whole conspiracy theory is just more Russians fucking with us. Everyone knows damn well who hacked the DNC, and who gave the documents to Wikileaks.

Russians with misdirection or GOP with misdirection. Sometimes it’s the same thing.

Nah. Like with the pizzagate child molestation ring, the most believable explanation is a combo of people who believe the Clintons are Satanic murderers and those who are desperate to exculpate the Russians from the DNC hack because the Great Cheeto has declared them friends of the U.S. and the Great Cheeto couldn’t be wrong.

It doesn’t even make sense that a mid-level DNC staffer would somehow have access to emails directly to/from Hillary and the top campaign staff to be able to leak to anyone in the first place, particularly since his job concerned voter databases and polling stations.

Anyone got any links on the history of Russian/USSR promoting conspiracy theories in the US (JFK assassination, MLK assassination, 9/11, etc.)? One written from an academic perspective?

That Gingrich, Sean Hannity and Rod Wheeler are still alive to make up bullshit like this is proof enough that the Clintons don’t have people killed.

And the fact that this was the leading story on many right-wing sources on the same day that Donald Trump leaked code word intelligence to Russia in a fit of braggadocio is a good sign of how utterly fucked we are. This is not a real story. This is the kind of shit you get in Weekly World News.

The fact that the right-wing media is so eager to lap up obvious conspiracy horseshit like this is probably what motivated the Russians to support Trump in the first place.

Not taking credit for this thought and I forgot where I read it, but the best evidence that the Clinton’s don’t murder people is the continued existence of Anthony Weiner.