Do ACA subsidies factor in an individual's assets

If a person wanted to retire in their 50s, and as a result they had 6 figures in assets (stocks, home equity, etc) but only about 15k a year in actual income would that person get subsidies based on that 15k in income or would their assets be factored in?

They count whatever the IRS counts as income. My withdrawls from my 401K were counted and pushed me over the line for subsidies.

Medicaid has asset tests, I don’t know if aca was the same. I’m thinking not. A person who kept their income and expenses low could qualify for coverage subsidies in near retirement I’m assuming.

No asset test.

The ACA only looks a at “Modified Adjusted Gross Income” calculated from your income tax return.

Too high and you get no subsidy, too low and you qualify for Medicaid. This (PDF) explains how to calculate your MAGI.