Do Asians have baritones?

Once every year, I believe I am contractually allowed one pass at an incredibly stupid racial question without fear of censure, ridicule or being Pitted. This is not the one. I’m saving that doozy for later. I’m asking anyway.

However – I cannot recall ever hearing any Asian males, particularly South Asians, with especially low-pitched voices. (I tried speaking aoud in a stereotypical rhythm of an Indian in my own tenor/baritone. I couldn’t get it to work.) Feel free to dispell by ignorance… if you can.

In “Ichi the Killer” there is a character with a very low voice, it was very memorable. Everything he said sounded like he was growling it, you got the impression he was hired (by the crime lord in the movie, not by the director though that’s probable too) solely because of the way he talked.

We have a couple in the bass section of our choir, so they clearly exist.

Are you including basses in your question, or are you asking whether there are Asian tenors and basses, but no baritones? :confused:

I’m pretty sure the OP is thinking ‘baritone=deep’, rather than the specific musical meaning.

Obviously the OP has never watched yakuza (Japanese mafia) movies.

Yes. I’ve known plenty of south Asians with deep voices. I have noticed, however, that native speakers of subcontinental languages (at least the ones I know – mainly Gujarati and Punjabi speakers) tend to vary their pitch while speaking much more than native English speakers do, which may be why you’re thinking their voices are higher-pitched than they really are.