Do buffalo really run INTO storms? has nothing on this, and Google just shows me the same “fact” repeated in inspirational - not zoological - terms. But is it true?

Ok, it’s saying the males run toward the storm while the female turn and run away. And it doesn’t define ‘storm’, although it implies a brief rapidly moving weather event. Sounds like folklore though. And it seems doubtful the herd would split up and run in different directions. But humans act that way sometimes.

By “cows”, I think they mean “kine” or “cattle” or something like that.

Well that would change things. Don’t know what was meant, but I’d find cattle and buffalo acting differently a little more plausible.

Bison will run towards storms, but so will cattle. They aren’t trying to get through it quicker, they are trying to get to the fresh grass growth that the rain promotes. In the days before fencing, the migration of cattle towards distant storms was a major problem in herd management.

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Bison have thick fur on their heads and less thick on their asses so they face into the winter wind. I assume that has something to do with it.