Do cats mount for non-sexyfuntimes reasons?

Our 1 year old boy cat (neutered) is trying to have his way with our 1 year old girl cat (spayed). Legs on either side, penis near rump, hips curved down, biting her neck, the whole bit. She’s not moving her tail aside, though, and keeps giving him offended WTF looks and occasionally flopping over and sticking a hind claw in his belly before moving away from him. No fur flying, but she’s not cooperating, either.

I’ve also seen him sniffing under her tail a few times in the last 5 minutes. She’s not moaning, yowling, presenting or showing any other outward signs of being in heat (which is what I would expect, being spayed and all.)

What’s up with my little furbrain? He’s always been such a nice good boy! :smiley:

We have the opposite. Both neutered but female humps the male.

It’s a dominance behavior.

My one cat would hump the other, and they’re both neutered males.

I have always found a spray bottle full of cold water fixes that sort of behavior,
or you could hump him to show him who the real alpha cat of the house is

Ok, good. So it’s like dogs, then. I haven’t noticed it before in any of my cat pairs, but I guess my sitting here quietly, they just didn’t notice I was here.

I was afraid it might have been the rare-but-possible “vet missed some ovarian tissue” scenario; last thing I need from this girl cat is a Queen in heat! (Okay, second to last thing: the last thing we need is KITTENS!)

Our neutered boycat does trhis to both the females. They’re both highly indignant, resulting in catfights wghen he gets too insistent.

Heh. There’s definitely something brewing in their little Kitty World. I think he’s trying to stage a coup - she’s been the dominant one up until now, as far as a human can understand these things. But this morning he’s trying to sit in Her Spot (fail), push her away from Her Food (fail) and even bump her away from the dripping faucet! :eek:

Cheeky little upstart. This is behavior up with which She shall not put!

Ah, teenagers!

One of my male cats does it to the other one. He just gives you a long-suffering look.

I doesn’t even have to be another cat.

I used to have a female kitten that had a rather amusing habit…she would drag a pair of panties out of the laundry hamper, arrange herself in such a way that she was entangled in them with the crotch over her face and then she would go to town…for about 5 minutes or so she would be kicking her little legs and making pleasure noises and convulsing with what I have to assume were kitty-cat orgasms.

Weird, but fun to watch.

Once our chihuahua grabbed our male cat and started humping him (as chihuahuas will do). The cat turned him around and humped him right back. I ain’t your bitch!

My two previous cats were both altered males. One used to hump the other, and only got confused looks in return.

Are you sure that was sexual? It sounds bizarre to me, did you by any chance get any photos cause I’m trying to visualise exactly what you mean and it sounds more like playing?

I have one boy that likes to try to hump the other boy, and the other boy sometimes tries to hump my arm. They’re both pervs. (5 years old and 4 years old)

How come no one has asked for pictures?

Ha! From more innocent times… (The little pervert is the orange-and-white one.)

Because this board frowns on kitty porn

Because it’s that kind of thread, I’m gonna whip this out:

One of my relatives has a spayed female Shih Tzu, and the dog has a brown and white stuffed bunny. This stuffed toy is longer and larger than she is, but she’s strong enough to drag it around with her. That alone is an amusing sight.

When I’m over at this relative’s house, after the dog has greeted me and gotten all her belly rubs and other love from everyone around, she’ll wait for a quiet spot in the conversation, when everyone’s relaxed, to drag her bunny out into the middle of the living room floor and hump the daylights out of it. She has other toys, but she only humps the bunny.

When she’s done, she drags it back and makes the rounds for more love from the humans.

I once woke up to her humping my left forearm. My relative got her after the family she was with had a baby. The working hypothesis is that the dog was found making sweet love to the infant.

And then there was Scooter, a male Pembroke Welsh Corgi, who’d hump the floor like a low-rider with jumpin’ hydraulics when he had to pee…