Do centegenarians keep aging?

Today, we have news that America’s oldest man died. He was 113.

My own Great-Grandmother lived to be nearly 100, but I have never seen anyone over 100 up close. Whenever I see people on television who are well over 100, such as the woman from France who lived to be over 120, what strikes me is they don’t look all the different from 98 year old people I have known. At 113, John MacMorran doesn’t look a day over 98 - well that may sound silly, but if aging continued at a constant rate, a 113 year old man should look like Yoda.

Do people stop aging once they hit the late 90’s?

Note that someone who ages at a slower rate is more likely to live longer. So a slow aging 110 year old can easily pass for 90. Not all people age at the same rate.