Which actor/actresses have not aged well.

Admittedly it is a subjective issue, however I was watching The Undiscovered Country last night and also have been watching TOS and while the difference in Doohan and Shatner (especially Doohan) was amazing. Admittedly it has been 25 plus years, but while Kelley, Nichols, Takei and even Nimroy and Koeing look merely older, Doohan and Shatner have the look of having gone to seed.

I was utterly amazed at the change that Frank Langella underwent. He originally was the Dark Romantic Leading Man in The Twelve Chairs and, of course, **Dracula/B] in the 1970s onstage revival and the later John Badham movie. I saw him sometime later on the Broadway stage as Salieri in Peter Shaffer’s Amadeus, in which he was superb.


The next time I saw him he was sporting a buzzcut of white hair and looking lined and a zillion years older, and that’s pretty much how he’s appeared since.

I know, of course, that people invariably age, but this seemed to be a sudden, radical, and deliberate change, as if he was saying “I’m through playing young romantic leads past the age, so now I’m going to be the opposite and people are going to take my talent seriously, dammit!” Maybe the Spirit of Skeletor possessed him when he played that role in the 1987 He-Man movie.

Melanie Griffith went from this and this to this and this.

Allison Hannigan.

Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson both went from OMIGOD gorgeous to OMIGOD what happened?

I’ve mentioned this before: Brigitte Bardot.

From this . . . to this and this.

Jon Cryer’s recent appearance really shocked me. The reruns of 2 And a Half Men were entertaining enough, but when I tuned in for the new ones with Aston Cusher, Jon Cryer’s close ups were not flattering. I realized this show has been on a long time, maybe Charlie Sheen decide to deliberately amplify his “wining-ness” and just escape a long running show entertainingly.

I’m not surprised that DeForest Kelly and James Doohan don’t look their best; Kelly’s been dead for twelve years, Noohan for six.

On topic, while it’s refreshing that she hasn’t gone the plastic route, Diane Keaton is showing the years.

You think the frontal shots are not flattering, check out this one from behind.

really, harrison ford? i think he looks fine, even handsome still considering he’s what, 70? i think all that happened is that he got older.

Mel has grown some pretty hefty jowls over the years, which doesn’t help.

Teri Garr is the perfect example of someone who hasn’t aged well.
Find a photo of her from the 80s and compare it with how she looks today.

To be fair, there wasn’t really any room for improvement.

Really? I don’t find her particularly attractive, but I’ve been rewatching Buffy and was kind of surprised how much she looks like she does in HIMYM, given the passage of some fifteen years and however many pregnancies.

It should also be kept in mind that DeForest Kelley and James Doohan were over a decade older than the rest of the core cast of the show.

Their ages when the show premiered (1966):
Shatner 35
Nimoy 35 (Shatner is 4 days older than Nimoy)
Kelley 46
Doohan 46
Nichols 34
Takei 29
Koenig 30

Whatever she looks like, I’m cutting her some major slack given her diagnosis of MS in 2002 and brain aneurism in 2006. I imagine either of those things would contribute mightily to one’s inability to stay fit and trim.

Damn. I should age that poorly.

Carrie Fisher hasn’t aged well.

Kristy Swanson still looks good but worse days are creeping up.

Sir, I demand satisfaction!

Robert Wagner has turned into Gertrude Stein.