Do charities mind if you put their name in your ads for "A % of Proceeds Goes To" ?

I’m operating a small business, and I have begun donating a percentage of the proceeds from my operation to a couple of charities.
I’ve considered advertising the fact that I’m doing this to customers and potential customers.
Anyone ever heard of a charity getting ticked off if you named them as an entity a business donated to?

As an example:
“1% of profits go to Susan G. Komen For The Cure” sounds like it’d get me a strongly-worded email but
“1% of profits go to support breast cancer research” sounds like it’d probably pass muster.

I’m not asking if this activity is legal; I wouldn’t feel it was fair to ask lawyers to do work for free.
I’m just asking if there’s any record of this kind of behavior drawing protest from charities.

I’d just call/email/write the charity and ask them if they mind, My thought is that as long as you are actually donating that percentage no one is going to mind.

My favorite charity, Wounded Warriors Project, cleared me before I could use their name. The guy on the phone said something like “If NAMBLA wanted to give us money, we’d still take it, but we wouldn’t let them use our name.” I thought that was well-put and made sense.

There was a little toss-up recently between some donating company (I think gamer affiliated?) and some charity that didn’t want them to put it up simply because they didn’t want them using what should be generosity as a way to attract business,* so yes, I’d check if you’re going to mention one (but FWIW I doubt you’d have a problem if you just said “breast cancer research”).

*I think we even had a pit thread somewhere around here about it.

It was Gen Con and the Christian Children’s Fund … You can read the official Gen Con statement about the issue here.

Thanks. Interesting article.
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