Do cockroaches eat eyelashes?

Oh please god don’t let this be true…

Well, if any given thing can be eaten, a cockroach will in fact eat it.
So, yeah, sorta.

But they won’t destroy the world.

Unless…they’re talking about giant, Godzilla sized uber-roaches.

Then we’re scr#wed.

First reason to get some rest is the source. The story, from a gossip column, was sandwiched between bits on Pamela Anderson and Susan Sarandon. But one never can tell.

So I popped over to Lexis (ah, my law school dollars at work!) and went to the “News & Business > News > News Group File, All” database, using “Japan AND cockroach AND eyelash!” A date limited search pulled up nothing, without the dates there were four innocuous articles. Time for sleep.
Sleeping with one eye open 'till DDGTGG[sup]*[/sup] stops by and finds a link.

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