Do Dentists work on their own teeth?

Just thinking–What do dentists do for cleaning & diagnosis? For heavy work they would need their hygenists to assist them – could they just order the hygenist to perform that work?

Could they use the ‘pik’ stuff on their own mouth – are they that good?

Or do they have to wait in line at the office across the street?

I have to say in all the days of waiting at dentists’ offices, I never once sat next to a dentist himself. SO they must be going SOMEWHERE?

You sure have a never-ending stream of questions, don’t you?
Do surgeons operate on themselves?
Do barbers give themselves a haircut?
Do proctologists give themselves colonoscopies?
My dentist once told me a story of having to perform emergency work on himself (with the help of an assistant), but in general, they go to another dentist for major work.

How do you know? It’s not like they have their foreheads tattooed.

My dentist goes to his sister. I asked him.

But normally I would imagine they have their personal appointments outside normal practice hours - because that’s when they are doing their own work.

What of the barber who cuts the hair of all people who do not cut their own hair, and no others?

Given that both my doctor and my dentist rescheduled me this week because they were going to be out, I have no trouble believing they would do this during normal hours!

Besides, where would they go outside of normal hours? :stuck_out_tongue:

This question makes my head want to explode. I’d like to ask my dentist, hair stylist, gyno…everyone who they go to. Then go to that person. But THEN I’d want to find out where THAT person went to get HER whatever done and so on and so on and so on. I mean, presumably each person in each profession would like to think they’re going to someone who is at the very least equal to them, but preferable superior…AAARGH. It never ends! Does anyone know what I mean?

Maybe it’s a circle jerk.

So, if there are only two dentists in town, and one has perfect teeth, and one has disgusting teeth, which one do you visit?

head explodes…

Do* not *visit the dentist with the exploded head.

Well, he paid his fifteen bucks, guess he’s entitled. Perhaps he’s trying to acquire the entire sum of human knowledge on a limited budget. Perfectly understandable these days.

Not from you


I actually asked one of my previous dentists this question after he complained to an associate about a mild toothache. The associate told him she’d squeeze him in between appointments.

Goofy logic problems aside, they don’t work on their own teeth. They can’t see what they’re doing, for one thing; for another, it’s easier to reach into someone else’s mouth and take care of things than it is your own.


I like how everyone attempts to make a silk purse from this.

How about this:

Either each dentist is doing the teeth of the next dentist in a circle.
Each dentist goes to the best dentist they know, that is, to the next level of better dentistry, a dentist that is better than they are, creating a pyramid of dentistry, so that the ultimate dentist in the world - who does the teeth of the 5 next best dentists - has bad teeth.

That is what porn stars do. I have seen it documented on tape with my own eyes.

Everyone knows the dentist only works on people who don’t work on their own teeth.

Thus, Russell’s Pair-o-docs.

I’ve sat next to a dentist in a dentist office waiting room. I get to sleep with her, too! Here in Michigan where she doesn’t know any other dentists, we just to go the dentist like civilians and let our insurance pick up the tab, and I pay the co-pay if there’s one. Back home, she goes to any of her friends and colleagues who are dentists, and they may come to her. Once we went to an endodontist friend out of the blue because she suddenly needed a root canal. He fit her in at the end of the day, and we shook hands afterwards, and that was it. An oral surgeon/reconstruction friend looked at a taurus I have, and said he’d be willing to take care of it as a courtesy (he also said recovery would suck, so I opted not to have it done).

So, yeah, dentists go to other dentists, and they often have networks such that they can get things taken care of quickly and inexpensively.

I go to the dentist that serves all the dental specialties in the area. Why? Because they see every dentist’s work and know who does it the best.

If you want to find a good dentist, call a peridontist and ask them who they go to.