Do detox teas and diets work? If so, how?

Ive read some stuff about these programs and was wondering if it was new age tripe. I mean why wouldnt the body eliminate it on it’s own. Also, Im weaning myself off of benzodiazipines and wanted to accelerate the process. I’m assuming the “brain cloud” from taking clonopin is because it’s being stored in my brain like fatty canabanoids or something. Anyone have a scientifically valid opinion/source on these things? Thanks



I hope you are weaning yourself off benzos under a doctor’s care.

That said, it would not be smart to try and speed things up with detox diets and teas. First of all, fast is not what you want. This has to be done slowly and carefully to avoid nasty wthdrawal symptoms like seizures. If you have been on them for a while (several months at least), you have enough unpleasantness to look forward to. There will be plenty of anxiety, sleep disturbances (insomnia and nightmares), wild mood swings, difficulty concentrating, odd body sensations (numbness, tingling) and a lousy short term memory to name a few.

This process cannot be speeded up by the methods you name because it is not getting the drug out of your system that is the problem. Your neurotransmitters have been disrupted and symptoms persist until they are back on line and functioning normally.

Detox diets and teas are only likely to dehydrate you and make things more uncomfortable. You can help yourself by avoiding certain things. Alcohol, caffeine and other stimulants would be good things to cut out for the duration as they will exacerbate symptoms.

Best of luck to you. Get some support and remember that it will not last forever.

BTW, good luck getting off the benzos. That’s a nasty withdrawal. I hope a doctor is guiding you thru the process.

In my experience, every detox and diet tea includes a special diet. If you read the directions they put inside the box, they say you have to drink the tea AND follow the diet.

And what is the diet? It’s a low calorie diet! So that’s the only thing that makes you lose weight. There’s nothing special about the tea.

I’ll join the others in wishing you good luck. Remember we’re here for you if you want to complain about the brain cloud! Just post a nice fiery incoherent post in the pit.