I just quit caffine, when will the sluggishness go away?

I’ve quit caffine for about a week now. And since then, headaches have ceased, but I find my self napping everyday since then. Will this sense of tiredness ever go away? I’ve never once dosed off at work, and I pride myself on that. Now it’s all I can do to stay awake. I just sit there and my eyes start spinning, trying to focus on anything in which will keep my attention. When will my own energy kick in?

when you take up methamphetamines.

Have you tried reduction, not cold-turkey?

I switched to green and herbal tea and didn’t notice much withdrawel syptoms. Green tea has caffeine, but not as much, and I would alternate it with herbal. It gave me something to drink and was healthier too boot.

Also, don’t eat a carbo-loaded lunch, you’ll sugar crash around 2 and that will make things worse. Eat a bunch of salads with chunks of cheese and ham for the next few weeks.


It’ll take you another week. I agree with Tomcat’s suggestion about tapering off caffeine rather than quitting cold turkey though. Why flagellate yourself to achieve purity right away?

I quit about 6 weeks ago, and I would concur with the two weeks estimate. The headaches took a week to ten days to quit, then a few days later the sluggishness went away. I feel just fine now and don’t intend to go back.

I actually did start off with reduction. I would have a soda in the morning and a sode in the afternoon. Instead of cokes every hour. Then I just replaced those sodas in the morning and afternoon with water. Water consumption is anywhere from 50 to 80 ounces a day. Also, I have started some what of a half assed Atkins diet, just not limiting myself to 20 carbs per day. But a lot better than what I was consuming. I say I cut my carbs by half easy. My diet is much healthier. I try to exercise regularly. Running twice a week. Lifting, stretching, crunches 3 days a week. But I still feel physically drained. I never thought caffine had this much effect on my day to day life. Just wondering when the misery will end.

Maybe caffeine withdrawal isn’t the real problem. I’m thinking you’ve undertaken greater dietary and exercise routine changes at one time than you should have. With things like exercise and eating habits, the more gradually you slide into them, the greater your odds are with sticking to them. Cutting caffeine can be tough enough alone; adopting exercise and eating habit changes on top of that can add to that misery, especially when you’re not feeling 100% ready to make such changes.

I vote with the others: the headaches lasted for a week, for me, and the sluggishness for two weeks. Stick with it; you’ll thank yourself.


At one time I gave up coffee for over a month. Even after that amount of time I still had trouble getting myself “started” in the morning. I finally gave up in frustration and went back to my morning wake-up.

I quit about a year ago and was suprised at how much better I stay awake at work. The first couple of weeks is tough, but after all the symptoms wore off I became more even keeled throughout the day. I haven’t fallen asleep in a meeting since I quit. It used to be drink coffee to wake up, coffee wore off and I lost motivation, drank coffee to get my motivation back, lose it again…endlessy.

I really don’t regret giving it up.

It sounds like you are weaning off a pretty high dosage of caffeine (one soda per hour is a LOT), so it will take you longer for your body to adapt.

How about an experiment to test if it really is the caffeine? Tomorrow, allow yourself to have twice your morning dose of caffeine, and see if you feel better. In other words, increase your caffeine intake by 50% or so. If the misery lifts, then it really is caffeine withdrawal that’s causing your misery.

Then you can take a bit less each day. Give yourself two or three weeks to taper down.

Really, if it’s the caffeine there is no need to go through misery if you taper down slowly enough.

Try getting some more sleep at night.

I remember a couple years ago when I quit gradually, tapering off slowly over a period of a month. I stayed sleepy for the next 8 months. Finally I felt so sluggish I resumed my coffee habit and perked right up again. Coffee is probably harmless, if you like it, enjoy it— why deny yourself? Unless you want to become canonized as a Catholic saint and feel that the hairshirt trip is the way to get there.

I agree with Dogface: Get more sleep at night.