Do/did French maids really dress provactively?

The title is the question. Did maids in France really dress like this?

(Link safe for work, unless you work at some Bible college in Oklahoma or someplace like that.)


The modifications started in burlesque comedies (master of the house chasing the maid around) and became more elaborate over time as lingerie companies, roleplayers, and costume freaks got involved.

It’s also worth pointing out that “French maids” could refer to maids who were French by birth/heritage who lived in England.

Not that they would have dressed that way either, just that I read too many historical romances where French modistes, dressers, chefs, etc. are proof that titled/welathy people are fashionable/snobby.

I don’t know, but I’m ready to hire her if you’ll give me the phone number.

No. They looked more like the girl onthis page.

Plus the idea that the French are much less uptight about l’amour – thus a French maid would be more coquettish/apt to put out than her British counterpart.

I’d hit that.

And nurses don’t dress like this either, but that’s what the costumes look like.

(Not 100% work safe - couple of pics feature topless models covering breasts with their hands)

But do/did French Maids really dress pro-actively?

(That’s how I read the title, at first glance.)

Wow. That is a really comprehensive site. I’ve never seen so many variations on the sexy nurse uniform.

I’m pretty sure these aren’t regulation military issue either.

But do/did French Maids really dress pro-actively?

Mine do. Its required that they come from France AND that they properly fill out the uniform (feather duster optional). :slight_smile:

There’s a french maid theme to a lot of threads today .

The fairies all look pretty legit, though.

You just wanted an excuse to post that link, huh?

Just a minute, they don’t look a bit like real fairies, as in Cottingley ones

I’d tinker with those belles…



Of course French maids dressed like that, don’t screw with my fantasy.

And what’s this talk about nurses not dressing like that, either? I mean really. Why do you hate America?

Well, to be fair, it depends on which hospital one is admitted to.

As for the military outfits, you have to admit they’d do wonders for morale.