Do Dogs Enjoy TV? A Crating Question

Each morning I leave my dog (Ollie: 5 month terrier mix who definitely isn’t ready to be left to roam free yet) in his crate. I always feel guilty about leaving him alone all day.

His crate faces a TV set. I’ve considered leaving it on to keep him company, but I can’t decide if he’d find it more annoying or comforting. Obviously he can’t understand what’s being said [unless I leave it on Judge Judy or some other lowest-common-denominator show :cool:] but it would supply voices and a distraction. I’ve also considered leaving music playing.

Any ideas from your own crated pets?

PS- by “all day” I don’t mean to imply I leave him in there for 12 hours at a time- I come home to walk him at lunch unless I absolutely can’t- but I still feel guilty that he spends most of his daylight hours alone (but nowhere near guilty enough to get him a friend until I have a fenced yard).

We leave the radio on for our pups (who have run of the house while we’re gone). Not sure if it makes any difference but we do it anyway. We put it on low and usually on NPR, but I think a Spanish channel would be good for them, too. I mean, they can at least learn while we are gone. :smiley:

Let him watch Animal Planet all day, it’s programming especially for him! :slight_smile:

For the love of pete, NOT Animal Planet! In the middle of the day they show Animal Emergency Room with sick and dying pets. So much whining and crying on behalf of both pets and owners, it can’t be anything but sad for a crated puppy.

I always leave the TV on for my dog, when I was crate training her and now that she’s trained. I think it just helps to have human voices. Which is why I don’t usually leave the radio on for her unless it’s a talk station. She’s never complained yet.

I have read it advised in several sources to leave a radio or TV on for pets that are alone most of the day. The other alternative is to get another pet so they won’t be lonely, but that’s not something everyone wants to do, so I’d say go ahead and leave the TV on.

I leave the Tv on for my dogs when they will be home alone. Mostly because it masks the outdoor sounds that might get them agitated (dogs barking,etc). They seem to know the difference between dogs on TV and dogs outside. But I never leave it on Animal Planet or Cartoon Network because I don’t want to run the risk that yelling, barking, meowing will get them all woked up.

I meant worked up, not woked up. :frowning:

My dog really enjoyed the Weather Channel, until they started doing all of those “storm stories” featuring thunder and lightning–we would come back home to find her cowering in the bathroom. We always tried to pick something that had people constantly talking, without a lot of other distraction; the food channel and the garden channel were good for this. She also loved the Teletubbies; she would stare at the screen with her ears perked up for the entire show.

My mother usually leaves the news channel running for the cats and her dog. I don’t think the cats give a damn, but the dog spends his days in the bathroom with a gate up since he doesn’t have a very discriminating baldder, and it seems to make him more comfortable to hear human voices. He barks a bit less, too, since random noises don’t stand out as much against the TV sounds.

I’ll second the ‘no Animal Planet.’ I lived for a while with a very sweet dog. I loved those Animal Planet pet rescue shows, but they always seemed to feature abused and neglected puppies, and the sound of them would drive the dog crazy. She’d rush around the apartment, sniffing desperately, trying to find the puppies so she could help them.

I finally stopped watching the shows because I felt so badly for her.

I usually leave my TV tuned to TVLand. That way the dogs have a variety to watch while I’m gone. From Bonanza to the Brady Bunch.

Ashkicker, my dog LOVES Bonanza (as do I). There’s another episode on after I get home and she comes a runnin’ when she hears that themesong - jumps right up on the couch next to me and watches. :slight_smile:

As to do dogs like TV? Mine does - she watches Food Network when neither of us is home; when Mr2U is home and I’m at work, she’ll watch whatever he is watching.

I think it keeps her from being lonely - and I know it drowns out outside noise which can set her barking like crazy.

Lastly, ffter watching her behavior when I was home earlier this week, I’m convinced she knows when something will be on and that she has preferences. Looks like there will be three of us (me, hubbo and dog) fighting over the remote now. :smiley:

Auggie, The Cutest Dog on the Planet ™, stays in our family room all day, but gets to sleep anywhere he wants at night. Eventually, we’ll let him have the run of the house during the day, but right now we keep him in the family room in the daytime. We always leave the TV on for him during the day- usually on CNN, with the volume down low. Animal Planet gets him too excited- everytime a dog barks, he’ll go bark at the TV. And the distressed dog noises upset him, too, so we just leave it on CNN. If we forget to turn the TV on, he’ll stand at the door with his head cocked, like, “Hey, aren’t you forgetting something?”.

Our bulldog is crated, but we leave our boxer out. Usually the television is left on for Maggie in the bedroom where her crate is. Most of the time we leave it on Comedy Central, but sometimes she gets The Learning Channel, depending on what we watched the night before. I don’t know if it makes a difference to her, but for some reason it makes me feel better.