Really, how much is your TV on during the day?

I just had to ask this!

Whether I watch it or not, my TV is on from the minute I walk in the door from work (6:30 p.m.) until I leave for work the next morning (8:00 a.m.). It’s not that I am necessarily watching it, but it is on.

Now, I will admit that I do watch way too much of it and know about way too many shows, but I think that perhaps I just like the background noise (I live alone). Then again, it could be the fact that ever since I was a wee tot I have always had one in my room. I go to sleep with the TV on, and when I wake up in the morning it is still on.

What about everyone else?

The TV is on (low) when I’m not there. I’ve convinced myself that it helps keep the cats company.

My TV is usaully on from the time I get home (7:30 AM) until I get up for work (5 PM). I leave it on for the back round noise, because there are lots of daytime noises in my area. When I’m up, I usually just listen to the radio.

TV what is that? Seriously though I’ll watch about half an hour of TV a day if that much and it isn’t on any longer than that except if my girlfriends roommate is watching the TV. Other than that I’ve always got my computer playing music.

When I go out, at night, I keep it on for the dogs!! I leave it on when I am on the computer even if I am listening to music (volume down though). If my cable goes out, I call a million times to find out when it is going to come back on.

I think I need to go back to my therapist! :slight_smile:

In my dorm room, it’s on probably 80% of my waking hours, for background noise. But, at home, I don’t have it on more than 2 hours a day, or so.

On Sundays during football season: about 10 hours, if I’m home.

I can’t stand to have the TV on if I’m not watching it. This caused major problems in college, because I had a roommate who couldn’t sleep unless the TV was on (on low, mind you, nothing extreme). I can’t sleep unless it’s off. Even the flickering light with no sound keeps me up. I don’t think either of us slept very much that year.

I’m another one who keeps the TV on for their pet: Sesame Street and the rest of PBS for the parakeet. Sometimes I’ll turn it off but usually it stays on for background.

Never. I actually own three TV’s, because people feel sorry for me when I say I don’t have one & give me their old ones, but they’re all in the garage.

Not for any elitist reasons, mind you. I just can’t seem to sit own when I’m by myself & watch it. I’m too hyper. I’ve even hooked one of the televisions up & tried making resolutions to watch one show a week, but then I forget, and I get too irritated with commercials anyway. I have a friend sharing my house, who isn’t bothered by the lack of TV. The radio is usually on - he puts on the jazz station, & I usually have NPR for background noise when I’m gone for the animals in the house.

I do watch sometimes at friends’ houses, and my SO has giant screen & satellite & I love cuddling up on his couch & watching movies with him. :slight_smile:

I have the television on as soon as I wake up. It’s usually on from about 6:50-8:15, when I leave for work. Turning it off is always the very last thing I do until I leave.

When I get home, it is turned on instantly. I sometimes turn it off on the evening but rarely - even if I am at my computer in the other room, I like to have it on. I also have a bad habit of leaving the television on but having it muted. For some reason, I like seeing the movement but don’t want the noise. I do this a lot if I’m reading on the couch, etc.

Overall, it is probably on about 3-4 hours a day (I work long hours).


I’m a television junkie!

On my way to the bathroom when I wake up, I turn the TV on. I don’t turn it off until I leave the house.

When we come in from work, we turn it on. I can’t sleep with the TV on but I can’t fall asleep unless it’s on.

In short, if I’m home and awake, at least one TV is on. Even if I’m reading a book, odds are the TV’s on and the sound is muted.

Mine’s only on when I’m watching it. Which is Buffy, Angel, Ally sometimes, and some of Toonami.
And the occasional hour or two of channel surfing when bored.

Hello. My name is Dire Wolf, and I am a TV Junkie.

:: deep breath ::

OK, I’m better now.

As soon as I walk in the house, I turn on the TV in the kitchen. Yes, that’s how bad it is - there’s a 13" TV at the end of the counter. There are 6 TVs in the house, plus a 2" color portable, which I use in the bathroom while getting ready for work. There is always at least one TV on whenever anyone is home.

Even worse - when I’m watching a baseball or football game on one TV, and my team isn’t doing well, I’ll blame the TV and watch in another room. I told you I was bad.

At night, I set the timer for the TV in the bedroom, and have the volume turned low.

When no one is home, though, the dogs just get a radio. They show no interest in a picture anyway.

I don’t remember who originally said this: “There are two types of people in this world; those who walk into a room and automatically turn the TV on, and those who walk into a room and automatically turn the TV off.”

I am one of the latter types. Oh, sure, if there is something I know I want to watch, I’ll turn on the TV. But I don’t just click it on to “see what is on” and start flipping channels. I have a hard time comprehending turning on the TV without a specific show or program in mind. Otherwise, what is the point? Just to have something on? Certainly there are better things to do with my time.

So, to answer the OP, most days my “TV” doesn’t come on at all. I say “TV” because I actually watch a lot of movies on the television. Rentals and from my VHS collection. But I’m not sure that counts as far as the OP goes. Monday nights I watch Ally McBeal. Cubs games. Football. Cops and America’s Most Wanted. Some “reality” shows. Not much else. It probably averages out to about an hour a day.

I’m with divemaster on this one.

The way I see it, the teevee is like the toilet: a necessary evil.

You use it when you need to (“Hey, a documentary on garter-belts and nylon stockings hosted by Charlize Theron! I know what I’M doing from nine to ten tonight!”). But you don’t sit there for hours.

On the other hand, I usually have music playing all the time. There’s a small stereo in the kitchen and a big one in the living room. I can dance around the kitchen to Nat King Cole or Junior Wells or the Grateful Dead, but not to the MCNIELL-LEHRER NEWSHOUR.

I’m not that bad - these days, I have it on rarely. There are a few shows I am addicted to - “Ally McBeal,” “ER,” “Friends,” and “Seinfeld.” If I’m home while any of these are on (Seinfeld re-runs on FOX at 7pm every weeknight), then I’m watching the TV. Most of the time, though, it’s background while I’m on the computer. I’m so bad that I have to have a book or magazine for commerical breaks, or I lose my mind.

I used to watch more TV, but I put my set in the basement so I would only watch it when I really wanted to. But I have a lot of videos; I watch at least two or three movies a week, so I moved it back into my bedroom.

90% of the time, though, I’m listening to CDs or NPR.

TV off. In fact, we haven’t had one for the last three years.

Strangely enough, though, when I travel alone I keep the TV on almost all the time I’m in my hotel room.

I can understand keeping in on when you live alone–I did that a lot too. What I find annoying is going to someone’s house and having them keep the TV on as background noise when you’re trying to have a conversation. Why do people do this?