Do dogs get runny noses?

Whenever I take my dogs out for a walk when it is cold outside, my sinuses become clogged up with fluid and my nose starts running. This leads to constant sniffling or nose blowing to clear things out (often some hacking and spitting as well). My dogs on the other hand appear to suffer no ill effect from the cold. They carry on as if it was any other day.

So, are their sinuses not affected by the cold? Or, do they just let things drain and treat it like that much more slobber?

I’m not a vet but my experience with my late beagle is that yes, they can have sinus problems. Dogs sneeze through their nose, not their mouth. I was told that beagles, who’s noses are especially sensitive, are prone to sinus problems.

Do dogs get runny noses?

If the only sign is a wet nose, good luck with figuring that one out.

Yup, I have two greyhounds, both litter-mates. One has allergies and gets a runny nose. It picks up when the pollen count is high and he’ll actually sneeze. Other times, he’ll sneeze if after they have sprayed the ground with herbicide/insecticide in my development. In the winter it is not very runny if at all.