Do drinks such as Red Bull or Sobe make someone impotent?

Just wondering if I should cut back.

Possibly. Not because of anything directly caused by those particular drinks, but because of the stimulents (caffeine, et al). They can cause impotence.

Though, you would have to be drinking quite a bit for it to cause any major change, and once the stimulents have worn off, so has the impotence.

Ok, so the effects are not perminant?

(and yes, I do drink WAY too much sobe)

There should be a “phew!” smilie.

I have seen this claim re “caffeine causes impotence” but all the evidence seems to be from those selling “wellness” products or offering “live healthier” laundry lists of some kind. Is there a scientifically valid study that shows a definite link between caffeine and impotence?

Hmm, yes, I did a quick Google search and got linked to primarily to herbal junk.

But I do know for certain that stimulants do cause impotence, Amphetamines especially, Dr. Drew on Loveline harps on it at least once a week.

If you are not sure, go ask your doctor.