Do Drugs Make You Ugly?

Correct. I recall that in cooking up the drug, something is added that is essentially poison, though I forget what (my brain furiously tried to wipe all knowledge of that drug from my memory).

I can still see the doctor tapping his scalpel against the young woman’s arm bone as she writhed in pain (making a clink, or some such). Then the video switched to gauze being removed from open wounds on her legs. barf

Sorry to get off topic in GQ, but ever since reading/seeing of that drug I wanted to start a thread. But I just couldn’t due to how hideous the subject is.

How do you live with a bone visible?!? How do you continue to inject the drug into your crotch, even though the skin is turning black and dying?

Anyway, sorry. Back on topic.


Why do I let curiosity take me places no one should go?

Green Day’s “Geek Stink Breath” refers to meth mouth. And John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers wears dentures now after years of heroin and cocaine abuse left him with a near fatal oral infection.

Forget puking – I need to go and gouge my eyes out. (We really, REALLY need that vomitting smiley!)

I broke the link in your post, as there are a LOT of people who would not want to click it accidentally.

Jimi Hendrix had a cock made out of him, I heard. Clapton weren’t so ugly he couldn’t get no other man’s girl.

Are you just talking meth or some crack-ass drug?

Anecdotally, lots of drunks lose their teeth, smokers lose their skin and teeth – what were you looking for, exactly?

According to Time, fabrication of Krokodil uses “gasoline, paint thinner, hydrochloric acid, iodine and red phosphorus which they scrape from the striking pads on matchboxes.” Not at all good for you.

Wait, wait, wait. So what you’re saying is that an AFTER photo is going to show someone older than they were in the BEFORE pic? My God, I never realized this! I always thought people grew younger. Thank you for opening my eyes to the fact that AFTER is after BEFORE.

Isn’t Canada great! American cities are, uh, different.

Also, the photos use the trick of higher contrast to emphasize the facial lines (which also has the effect of making the person look more “ragged” or old, menacing, and gritty. This is why the first two comparison photos look much worse than the last two.

Although, to be fair, nobody looks good on a bad hair day, even without several facial sores.

I recall once printing a photo I took of an elderly gentleman (a priest and president of my college). In one print, using grade 2 (normal) paper, he looked happy and smiling. With the same negative and grade 5 (high contrast) paper, he looked old, ragged, and like he had a nasty vicious threatening grin. That’s how tabloids get those hideous “stars without their makeup” photos.

So the only differences in the pictures in the first two links are lighting and contrast? No other changes have occurred?

Somehow, I am unconvinced.

What the fuck are you yammering about?


No, that’s not what I said… but the additional lighting/contrast emphasized the decrepitude. Whether that’s deliberate, or an accident of how/when the photos were made, I leave to the readers’ imagination.

Who cares if they make you ugly. Stuff like meth, or too much of anything, will make you stupid. That’s worse.

Actually, the video I saw it was the bare lower legs bones with the flesh of the foot still attached… if by “attached” you mean a grey, shapeless, putrefying blob that hadn’t quite fallen off the bare bones. The flesh of the leg had slumped down like a knee sock after the elastic has given out.

Basically, boys and girls, this stuff is bad for you.

There is a video of a young girl with the bones of her arm showing (also her bare genitals with lots of dead flesh around on her legs).

The video of the guy with his leg rotted off was no where near as nauseating as the other video I saw (and I’m not sure why).

Ok, now I’ve seen the video of the girl. I’m going to spoiler the rest of the post, because I get a little graphic and maybe not everyone wants to read what it looks like.

[spoiler]I am never going to be able to look at the Forsaken in World of Warcraft the same way again. Because that’s what it looked like - people with arm and leg bones bared but still alive and moving.

And I think that’s what’s so disturbing - the guy with the rotting leg, you mostly just saw the leg. With the girl, the arm with the bone bared to the air was clearly attached to a person, you could see her face and hear her cries of pain.

I don’t know what they planned to do with that arm - tissue grafting perhaps? Regardless, they’d have to clear any infection and dead tissue first, which leaves the question of just how viable the lower arm and hand is with literally have the flesh/skin/tissue/nerves/blood vessels/tendons just gone, That ulna was clean, not a scrap of flesh on it for most of its length. I think when the doc was prodding it was was checking to see if it was still attached to the elbow joint or not. I’m thinking that bone is either dead or dying, as bones need a blood supply and I’m not sure it has one anymore. Never mind if that attached hand is actually useful or not. The dead crap around her legs is abscess and rot, literal rot. They have to drain the infection continually (that’s why the wounds are open and have gauze stuck in them) and then cut out all the dead flesh - that’s what they show, cutting away dead tissue. The dead stuff doesn’t hurt, but they have to cut back to live flesh, which bleeds and hurts. The fact she cries out in pain actually means her leg and the bared muscle is still alive, which means it might heal and she might keep it, might survive. If she can resist the urge to get high.

See, that’s the really awful part of addiction. It’s not just a normal craving. It’s a craving that leads you to inject shit and poison into your body even as you can see the flesh dripping off your bare limb bones. That is one hell of a powerful compulsion, and I am so glad that is not something I have ever suffered from.[/spoiler]


That’s what this one :o always reminded me of. I say we re-purpose it.

The “after” photos are frequently booking photos as well, with any chance of cleaning up/grooming in a meaningful way denied.

A lot of the “before” photos are booking photos, too.

Two words: Lindsay Lohan

Are you talking about Cynthia Plaster Caster? She did a lot of moldings of celebrity genitalia. That was her trademark.

Hendrix later ended up drowning in his own vomit.