Do English football fans root for English clubs in Int’l competitions even if they’re rivals?

Was watching a guy in a Manchester United jersey cheer for Liverpool in their UEFA Champions League match v Napoli today. This to me is unthinkable! But is there some sort of League-Pride thing or is there something going on with the standings where it somehow benefitted Man U that Liverpool won? Asking because knowing the rivalries in EPL you’d think Liverpool’s enemies would like to see them lose and be humiliated…
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I believe you would find that a true fan of the Red Devils would never root for the 'Pool for any reason, other than POSSIBLY in a match against those noisy neighbors. It’s simply unthinkable. Watching the Merseysiders get their heads handed to them is a prime Man. U. supporter dream.

However, there are a LOT of modern-day Manchester United fans who are not in any way real Man. U. fans. They are simply johnny-come-latelys who root for the team because it’s huge and successful and trendy. Those people don’t understand the history, and, to be honest, they have no appreciation for why that history exists, because they are A) probably not from NW England (thus lacking an understanding of the socio-economic rivalry), and B) unaware of the fact that Liverpool was the best English club for a long, long time. After all, it’s not like Liverpool have won much of anything in a while.

I happen to notice that Liverpool is at the top of the Premier League and also made a Champion’s League final.

Man U these days is only known for the temper tantrums of an egomaniacal manger.

Yeah, Liverpool won the CL in 2005 too, but they were probably the 4th or 5th most successful English club of the past 25 years and Man U the 1st. Their heyday was in the 70s and 80s.

Generally, no.

I’m from Manchester, last night I was cheering on Barcelona and especially Napoli. If some team a bit less high profile like say Newcastle or Leicester were in the CL I’d be cheering them on, but only as a one-off. Liverpool though - never. Actively cheering for whoever they’re playing.

I am a johnny-come-lately Southampton guy (since 2013) and I was not rooting for Liverpool yesterday nor would I cheer for ManU under any circumstances. But, despite their rapacious behavior towards the Saints the past few years, I might back 'Pool under the right circumstances in an international tournament. Like if Vladimir Putin or Donald Trump came out in support of their opponents.

I pull for the other Prem little guys on those rare occasions when one of them steps into Europe, though.