Champions League


That’s all I can say about that own goal right now.

I’ve read, however, that if Liverpool beats Chelsea again that we get to keep them. :smiley:

And I’ve already arranged for a day off to watch ManUre beat Liverpool in the final, so we’d better commit murder at Stamford Bridge next week.

/me is cranky.

Oh c’mon man

You surely can’t be hoping that the rags win

That was like having sweet, tender, loving sex.

With Norman Tebbitt.


I hope they wrap up the league before the last game of the season. We are going to Stamford Bridge, and if we need points from that game to stay up, I would rather not have Chelsea needing points to win the title, rather I want them resting players for an impending Champions League Final. It’s a strange feeling, wishing Man Ure well for once…

Great to see the red shite suffering last night - own goal in front of the best fans in the world, in the 4th minute of injury time :smiley: . I missed the cries of torment and foul play from the fat Spanish waiter after the game - this charmless man represents the nadir of football management, I do not permit his jowly visage to loll upon my television screen.

I wouldn’t count my chickens just yet, Chelsea supporters. As we speak the fat one beseeches Beelzebub to intervene, as he has before on numerous Champions league occasions (his diabolic powers don’t extend to the premiership these days :wink: ). The RS to take it with a last minute Stevie Me screamer in off John Terry’s arse.

John Arne Riise will, I assume, be taken to a safe location for the next few weeks? :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty brave … admitting to being a Chelsea fan :wink:

The red shite?

Manure play tonight my friend

Should be, he was arrested by traffic police on the M62 after the game. Apparently he was heading in the wrong direction.

In order:

Chowder, you’re high. I’ve found that being a reds fan is apparently a lot like being an England fan: So close but yet so faaaaaaaaaaar…

Dead Badger, I’d probably agree if I knew who Norman Tebbitt is. Wiki doesn’t help much. :stuck_out_tongue:

I almost forgive the Wanderer.

The Cocky One can go sit over there. No, further. Keep going…almost…good. Perfect. Now I can’t hear you anymore. :smiley:

flodnak, I don’t care WHERE Riise goes, as long as he takes his THICK FUCKING SKULL WITH HIM.

They’re like that, Captain. Chelsea this, Chelsea that, then they lose to Fenerbace and you don’t hear a sound.

And, finally: Usram…ok, that was funny. :D:D

I’m sensing some hostility here…

chique I hope you don’t think I’m a manure fan, heaven forbid.

Manchester City here matey…I’d rather walk around town with nail in my shoe than support those buggers from mould trafford.

My heart sang when ron(I can do neat tricks)aldo missed that pen :smiley:

So that’s the mancs through. Was Sralex on the pop last night do you think? He looked bevvied after the game - I never hear him speak these days though, so maybe that’s what he normally sounds like. I watched enough of the game to remember what an awesome player Paul Scholes is, still.

I’m on the verge of saying chelsea will beat the RS tonight - they’re very tough at Stamford Bridge. I should know better than to under-estimate the forces of evil though, the RS brand of anti-creativity, anti-excitement football can be dully effective.

Either way, I fancy Utd to come out on top in Moscow. They would crush Liverpool and probably take Chelsea - would depend on how the premiership plays out I guess.

I’ll be interested to see how many fans turn out. They’d better start applying for their visa’s now is all I can say. And just how many planes go from the North West to Moscow? I know it’s a pain when I have to go, have to change at either Prague, Amsterdam or Dusseldorf, depending on the carrier.

Well given that most manure fans don’t live in the NW of England I expect that the rabid mob will descend on London airports.

I was sooooo pissed off when Scholes scored :mad:

I’m hoping Liverpool will win tonight cuz I’ve got money on 'em :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless Liverpool have something amazing up their sleeves, gonna be Chelsea taking on Man. U. Drogba is VERY hard to stop when he is aiming at that near post. :eek:

I sense a profound disturbance in the force. In retreat the darkside is.

Well, that was certainly an entertaining game. No 1 - 0 snorefest there!

Well, piss. Fucking rubbish that we’re out thanks to howlers by two of our stalwarts; it really sucks that the last things Riise and Hyypia are likely to be remembered for are that header and that foul. Also, how many bloody central defenders are we going to break this season? Bah. Football is dead to me. Oh well - still 2-1 up on the Chelsea scum in recent European years.

Having embargoed the traditional Lampard abuse out of a general sense of probably-misguided respect, I have only this to say of Chelsea: I hate Drogba more than any other person in football, excepting maybe Sepp Blatter, who I’m sure is right at this very moment trying to rationalise in his pigeon-sized brain how Liverpool’s last two ties with their twelve goals and fingernail-decimating excitement were in some way a searing indictment of British defensive cynicism while Barcelona’s complete inability to pass the ball at a snail’s pace into Man Utd’s goal over the course of three hours of football shows how marvellously wonderful Spanish football is in all its “let’s give it to Messi then waste all of his utter spellbinding genius by standing around like bollards and kicking it straight to the opposition defence as soon as he expects some help” glory. Fuckwit.

Fucking hell, though, Messi is brilliant. What a shame he was surrounded by donkeys who couldn’t be fucked to make a purposeful run if they were being charged by a horny rhinocerous, nor attempt a return pass if they’d been chatted up by a self-mickey’d Jessica Alba wearing a t-shirt that said “take me now, you overpaid wankers.” What an utter, total waste.

Here endeth the (irritable, rambly) lesson.


/me cries


I couldn’t care less about either ManUre or Chelski so I think I’m sitting out the final. Has nothing about bitterness towards Riise and his FAT FUCKING HEAD!