English Football, End of Season 2007-2008

So it’s almost all over bar the shouting.

Seems to be either manure or chelski for the premiership, the relegation issues will be decided next week (apart from Derby who were doomed yonks ago)

Man City :stuck_out_tongue: will finish a credible 8th or 9th which is a vast improvement over the last few years when relegation was a very real threat.

The only thing that has cast a shadow on my team is the antics of Shinawatra (Frank as he’s known) I have no idea what he’s playing at in threatening to get rid of Sven after just one season in charge.

Jebus, give the guy a chance willya.

My second team, the mighty Rochdale, English footballs most unsuccessful team EVER, have reached the play offs…much to my surprise and I guess the team itself :stuck_out_tongue:

With a bit of luck they could find themselves promoted for only the second time in their 100 year history. Should they reach the final I’ll definitely be on my way to Wembley.

So: How did your team end up?

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Fulhamerica have somehow miraculously moved out of the relegation zone with today’s result against Birmingham.

My friend from Southampton is over the moon right now given that the Saints pulled out a win with not much more than the skin of their teeth. :smiley:

Nice thread chowder.

Everton are crawling over the line, it feels almost like a bad season because we’ve played so poorly over the past 2 months. We were excellent for most of it though, everything will depend on next week’s game against the barcodes. A point will secure 5th place and UEFA qualification. Still, it feels like we missed opportunities, out on penalties in the UEFA to Fiorentina, didn’t really contest the league cup semi against Chelsea.

David Moyes needs to buy 2 midfielders. That is the only area of real weakness in the squad. We also need to mentally toughen up when playing the top 3 - we’ve had points in our grasp time after time only to go to pieces late on. I expect most teams in the prem could probably say the same.

Its been funny this season to see how Evertonians have changed their attitude to Bill Kenwright, the chairman. Previously, he’s been seen as a complete incompetent, borderline dishonest, but committed true Blue. Now, seeing the bullshit that other fans have to put up with, with chairmen like Frank the Thai, or the pair of cowboys at Liverpool, we’re actually glad to have him.

Another thing that really pisses me off.

After ages of instability and umpteen managers City finally get someone in charge who knows what he’s doing. Then what happens?

Frank intends sacking Sven (or so it seems) and most of our squad is not right pleased about this. This prompts Micah Richards to state that he’ll be after a move if Sven goes and the fucking barcodes are after both him and Richard Dunne. What makes it bloody worse is that Manure have got their beady fucking eyes on Richards.

I tell you, you gotta be dedicated to be a City fan

Both my local clubs seem to have saved themselves from relegation. Wigan are safe, now, but for a time Bolton were dangerously close to disaster and humiliation!

I share your pain. Our only hope is to get another top-class manager named as quickly as possible so that the restive players can be given some reason to stick around.

I’m not a great fan of Sven and have been perturbed for some time with the reappearance of the old England, ‘deer caught in headlights’, Sven - unable to change things once things start going wrong - but fair do’s - he’s the best manager we’ve had in decades and damn well earned the chance to continue what he’s started.

Ah a kindred spirit, a true Blue, a man amongst men, a man of conviction and devotion to the cause.

Not a glory seeking twat from darn sarf or Hong Kong or all points East supporting a team that doesn’t come even close to where they huddle in their mud huts :stuck_out_tongue:

Phew, I feel better after that.

Anyway: Who is there by way of top class that would come to Eastlands?

Mourinho,Scolari?..who else?
And do you think they’d come knowing that if the slightest thing goes wrong then Frank would turf them out.

Somehow I doubt it and it saddens me to think that my team may again be on the downward slide.

Still, i 'member Denis Laws backheel and the glory days of late 60s and early 70s so that’s summat I guess

Another typical Ipswich season, ending up one point short of the play-offs. Pretty much what we deserved to end up with, too, good performances but not enough consistency.

At least you finished higher than Naarridge (sp)

Too right! It’s properly spelt ‘Naaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrridge’, btw :wink:

You pedantic swine :smiley:

*makes note on correct spelling

Is Mourinho eligible for an English contract next season? How many seasons was he prohibited from managing in the EPL after leaving Chelsea?

Peterborough have achieved promotion to League 1, finally, without having to resort to the inevitable pain of a play-off.

I hope we can hold on to our players, we have a great squad and I honestly think we can challenge for a play-off place next year. The future looks bright, we have a good manager, a good team and a new stadium in the planning. I think the current plan is Premiership football within 6 years, hah. I think that, if things continue, we may be playing Championship football by then. If things continue. If. This is Peterborough we’re talking about…

Our current stadium is in such a piss-poor location, located next to one of only two bridges heading into the centre of town from the south. Even with the relatively small group of League 2 away fans; the traffic around town at 12-3pm on a Saturday is terrible.

And of course, Man United can still get the/a double. Incidentally, Man United are playing Peterborough in a pre-season friendly. I wonder how they arranged that one :wink: .

He left Chelsea by mutual consent, I don’t think any ban was imposed.


Purlease!! no swearing, it’s Manure, not what you said

Incidentally, is Barry Fry still at Posh?

Congrats BTW on promo

I reckon we’ll get some big name because the salary will be huge - particularly when they factor in their end-of-season contract-paid-up ‘bonus’ for failing to do the Premier/FA Cup/European Champions triple. :wink:

Barry Fry is ‘Director of Football’ at Posh now. According to Wikipedia ‘a ceremonial role which keeps him happy but far away enough from genuine authority.’. Fine by me.

I see, so he’s still in the porn business is he? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, for me the most interesting result this season is the fact that Leeds have obviously managed to reach the limit of their ineptitude and mismanagement results, and may manage to crawl back into the Championship flight. By contrast, did you notice the trio of formerly decent clubs scrambling to avoid taking that last relegation spot from the Championship to the third division? (yeah, yeah, I know, it’s called League One, but it’s still third division football! :smiley: ) Sadly, the one currently in the drop zone is Leicester, the English club I adopted to root for from the days that their keeper was America’s finest. Hope the fans there appreciate the visits next year from Walsall and Leyton Orient. :stuck_out_tongue: