Do fake wasp nests really work to deter wasps?

I’m talking about fake nests like this.
In this thread they are touted as being effective, but in looking out on the web reviews are mixed at best.

This blogger indicates that the notion that wasps are all that territorial is open to question.

This blogger claims the fake nestattracted a queen to build a nest 10 feet away.

Hey, I’m not touting nothin’. that would be unprofessional.

all I can say is that they’ve worked for me. we had a big wasp nest several years running under our porch, and nothing worked to get rid of it. then we tried the fake wasp nest by the porch and haven’t had wasps since.

we’ve since put them in our back yard as well. results haven’t been as dramatic there, because of the size of the yard, but we’ve definitely noticed an improvement.

I dunno, maybe wasps in Canada are just gullible or something.

I’d be curious of a wasp family ever chose to move into one

Wouldn’t it be easier to simply keep the old abandoned wasp nests in place?

In my experience, they do not. I put one up on the eaves of my house and the wasps built a nest in the cedar tree not five feet away.

Very frustrating.